No One Understands Me.

Hi, Silver Streak is back and on the job again.  I was taking a little time off from writing.  I thought that by doing that I would get better at this.  But God changed some things around and so I am back on the cyber space writing.  This is going to be some what different than anything I have thought about writing. 

There have been times in my life when I felt that “no one understands me.”  It seems to happen at times when I am not listening to God.  And in my lifetime there have been many times when that happened.  Then about 10 years ago, I met a group of great guys.  It was on my Emmaus Walk weekend.  It was a weekend that changed my life in ways I would not have thought was possible for me, a sinner.  I saw men who cared, shared and really showed Jesus by their actions and words.   I made many friends also that weekend.  But the most significant change in my life was at Dying Moments, when I met Jesus myself, with no one else with me.  Since then I have tried to talk with him everyday as much as I can.  I have now actually placed the time on my planner (both writing and computer). so that I won’t forget.  I have found out that he does understand me, really.  I also know that the men and friends I met also understand me, because they have been there.  Now I can share this with the men that I meet and hopefully God will come through my actions and words.


Jesus understands and is with me always.


Remember, He is only a call away.  That is a word away….hey, Dad…….That is the way I always start my conversation with Him.  Try it, you might be surprised when he answers you and what he tells you.  His line is never busy.  No computer voice asking to leave a message that may or may not be answered, no dropped calls.  He always answers.  He is waiting to tell you that he loves you and cares for you.  Just call and then walk with him.  It is a great feeling to know that when I stumbled he is there to pick me up and when I get tired and can’t walk, that he is caring me.  He will do that for you also.  Try it!  you might like it! 


Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.  1 Chronicles 16:11

Tomorrow, I will start a series on talking with God.  How, when, where.  I pray that you will find some words to help you in your walk with God, the way I have.  Until then, Silver Streak is signing off.  God Bless


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  1. Good stuff, Ron. Just this morning on the way into the office I heard old Vance Havner citing the Scriptures, “you have not because you ask not…” Vance reminded us that we minimize GOD by assuming He doesn’t want to bless us, personally and tangibly. We just need to talk to Him.

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