I’m Ba——-ck!

Hey, gang, ‘Ole  Silver Streak here.  Sitting here at the roadside rest stop on the Emmaus Road.  The old donkeys are tired of pulling the wagon and are hungry.  So I figured that I might as well stop and feed them and get some rest myself.   It is gonna be a blister tomorrow out here in the desert.  I mean I don’t mind, it is just that the team might boke at moving.  My load doesn’t have to be in Emmaus until Friday morning.  That is so the teenagers can unload it and get it put way before Saturday.  I have an invitation to a party at this Upper Room, with a bunch of the guys.  I really only know a couple of them.  They say it is going to be a blast.  I  do hope that the donkeys will get me there by then.  I will need a rest and a shower then.  I mean the wifee won’t let me near her unless I wash the smell of the donkeys off me, at least a little bit.   Hey, did you hear about this guy, they crucified a couple of days ago.  The word I hear is it was some itinerant preacher man.  I think they said he was from    Galilee or Nazareth or some place around there.  Weirdest story I have heard.  Heck, even my old pardner over there can’t believe it.  He was following him around the last three years.  He told me the guy, told him, when he recruited him, that he would make him “fishers of men”.  Give me a break.  My pardner was a fisherman before that so what’s the difference me asks him.   He says that the preacher told him that he would just talk to men and repeat the things he told him to.  Told him he would be able to do miracles, too.  I asked him if he could exchange my woman for a new one.  He didn’t think the preacher man meant that kind of miracles. 

Then as we were walking along behind the wagon, talking, this dude comes up to us and starts walking the same way we’s agoing.  He starts asking us questions and we says, “where have you been, under a rock, don’t you know what has happened?”  “Didn’t you hear abaout the execution the Pharasees had a hand in the other day?”  Well, we walks along and make more small talk, when we come to the fork in the trail and he starts to go the other way and my pardner asks him to come with us and we will feed him and so he does.  He also starts teling us things that only the preacher man could have known.  BAMM!! could have hit us with a large splinter, it was him , him that we was talking about in the flesh, so to speak.  We had to tell the others when we got there. 

Well, brothers and sisters, do you think that ‘Ole Silver Streak is touched in the head?  I mean that sounds like quite a ‘tall tale’.  Well, pardner, it is all true, it really did happen to two men (not us) on the road to Emmaus.  It is right there in the Bible. I hope that you have read it.  If not, I think you had better pull out that book and wipe the dust off it and start studying it.  Get into it and let God talk to you.  He will, you know.  Well, I am not going to say any more tonight, I am going to let you read the story about the meeting on that dusty road long ago.  See if you come away with  the same feeling that those two did and like I did.  If you do, be kind enough to drop ‘Ole Silver Streak a line, here on my blog.  I would love to pray with and for you.  I want you to know Jesus that way I do.  I want you to spend eternity with us in Heaven.  So get at it and I will leave you alone, until tomorrow night.  Shalom


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