The Samaritan Woman (lessons from)

Ole Sliver Streak here.  Coming at you from the well here by the side of the road.  It has cold clear water.  At least I think it is clear.  But that is besides the point, God has laid on my heart the story told in His word.   The Samaritan woman.  I know that you all have read the story, right?  What?  What did you say?  You don’t know about the woman at the well?  You haven’t read it?  Well, I guess tonight before you close them there peepers, you better open your bible and read it.  It is in John 4:9-42.  Take it slow, let it sink in and percolate around for a while.  Ask God, what he is talking about. 

There are three separate things that we learn from this story. 

First, we learn the lesson of spiritual revelation.  Jesus gave 4 great revelations to this woman , that are critical for us today.

First.  He revealed the source of eternal life  (4:9-15)

Second, He revealed the spiritual need of the woman (4:20-24)

Third, He revealed the nature of the Father declaring that “God is spirit” and can be worshiped in any geographical place.

Fourth, He revealed Himself to be the Messiah

The first evidence of a new life was that she left the waterpot—-which is a symbol of her empty life—-behind her. D.A. Carson says about this, “In her eagerness to enjoy the new and living water, she abandons the old water jar.”   The second evidence of a new life is that she is eager to bear witness before the townspeople whom she had previously had reason to avoid.

Second, we learn the lesson of spiritual sustenance. (30-34)  What Jesus was saying in effect was this:  what really makes me tick, what keeps me up at night, what is more important than food itself, is doing the Father’s will —-pleasing the Father.

You can read in Mark 3  on how important doing the will of God is.  Again in Matthew 7:21 Jesus said, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, lord”  will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.”

The third lesson we learn the lesson of spiritual harvest (35-38)  Can you imagine the confusion of the disciples when Jesus taught these lessons?  A couple of ??’s come to my mind—-do I want to live out of a bag and spend most of my time away from my family and friends to minister to strangers?  Should I go back to a life of traditions, or should I join this God-man who challenges me to drop my traditions and live.  Unless you join with Jesus in the harvest of humanity, Jesus Christ will always be to you some shadowy figure.  But to follow Jesus is an invitation to radical investment of time and effort.  It is and invitation to enjoy, and be stimulated and sustained by the will of God more than your necessary food (Job 23:12)  It is a call to REACH OUT BEYOND YOUR COMFORT ZONE, whether it is race or place.  The time to respond is now.

Wow, what a message there is in that one little chapter.  Makes one stop and think.  Think about how the woman felt, knowing that she was considered by the townspeople as low-class, but this Jew told her things.  How she was turned around and giving the “living water” of Jesus.  How she went and proclaimed to the townspeople who she had before shunned.  How we are to listen to Jesus’s words and put ourselves in the woman’s place.  That, Brothers and sisters, is what Jesus is teaching us in this parable.  So tonight when you are ready to lay down, drop to your knees and first, tell him of your sins,  ask Him to show you any sins you have forgotten.  Then as His forgiveness.  Then say, Father please give me the “living waters” I want to drink of them.  Then thank Him for everything he was done for you and for the things He will do.      Then you can sleep soundly in the arms of Jesus tonight and wake refreshed tomorrow.  Amen


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