Fertilizer For The Roses (God’s Words)

Well ‘Ole Silver Streak, is sitting here looking at the night-time sky.  Have you ever taken the time to just sit or like we did as kids, lay on your back and look at the sky?  Have you tried to count the number of stars.  You get up to a certain number and you lose count.  You know that trying to count the stars is like trying to count the grains of sand.  It is impossible.  But it is nice to just lay or sit or stand outside at night, when the sky is clear and just look at the stars and wonder…..just how do they stay up there, anyway.  How did God do it.  As you watch, you suddenly see a shooting star.  That is one of God’s angelic transportation vehicles, raising to fulfill another miracle.  Yes, brothers and sisters, miracles still happen.  Just remember that.  God still performs miracles, we just don’t see them as often.   A friend once told me that ” God once visited our planet.  He lived here for thirty-three years —a human life.  He entered the mainstream of the marketplace, walking amongst us and speaking in parables –stories.  He broke everything down to the simple plotline of an unfolding tale to “utter things which had been kept secret from the foundation of the world.”

He was above all else, an artist, salting his words with grace and painting a picture of life with meticulous strokes from a fine brush.  He was God, but more than anything else, he was a storyteller.  For after all, everyone loves a great story.  Remember, children, when you open your Bible, you open a door to a deeper discipleship.  So, I suggest you open it more often.  I know, you think people will think you’re a snob, when you tell them, that you would like to talk, but you have to read this chapter, because God may say something to you.  It is o.k. to read your Bible and wait for His voice.  That brings to mind another subject…the shepherd’s voice.  Jesus told us that His sheep (us) know His voice.  He cares for us and even if one is lost from the herd, He will leave the heard to find the one.  He will call his name until He finds him and then He will pick him up and carry him across His shoulders back to the herd.  Are you really listening for His voice?  Have you heard His voice?  Do you know His voice from the others that are trying to bring you down?  If you don’t recognize His voice, you really need to as the old gospel hymns goes “Dig a Little Deeper”  Learn to      know His voice, Walk like a Christian walks, talk like my Jesus wants me to talk.  Yes brothers and sisters, I am asking you no, imploring you to learn to recognize His voice before it is too late.  He will talk to you, I know, as I have heard His voice.  Now I hear it in the Word as I read it.

Brothers and sisters, I love you all dearly and I want you back in the herd (family) of God, before it is too late.  Can’t you hear Him calling you?  He is saying, “Child, I am coming to help you.  I will carry you back.”  That is my prayer for you tonight.  Be like the Prodigal Son/daughter and come home. 

From a little book named “Don’t Wait for your Ship to come in….Swim Out to Meet It!  I give you these gems….God mad you an original ..not a copy.   When we do what we can, God will do what we con’t….God’s gifts are never loans; they are always deposits.   Don’t grumble because you don’t have what you want; be thankful you don’t get what you deserve..Charles Spurgeon said, “Brethren, be great believers.  Little faith will bring your souls to heaven, but great faith will bring heaven to your souls.”  ..Seek God first and the things you want will seek you…..It i more valuable to seek God’s presence than to seek His presents…..a German Proverb..Grow where you are planted.  Begin to weave, and God will give the thread….Stop  every day and look at the size of God…..God doesn’t call us to be successful.  He calls us to be faithful, says Albert Hubbard…John Wesley said this: “Do all the good you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all times you can, To all people you can, As long as you ever can.”….No problem is too large for God’s intervention, and no person is too small for God’s attention…..When God prepares to do something wonderful, He begins with a difficulty.  When He plans to do something very wonderful, He begins with an impossibility……Do you say “our Father” on Sunday  and then act like an orphan the rest of the week?——and finally, this little gem…..Prayer is the key to real success;  we stand tallest when we are on our knees.  I will leave you with two books from the Bible to read..These are the most beautiful poems ever written.  Ps 23 and Ps 91.  Take them and learn them and then store them in your heart and think of their words often. 

Father, Abba, Praise your Holy Name.  Thank you Father, for being there to talk with and seek comfort and shelter with.  Thank you for sending your angels to protect us from the demons of satan.  Thank you Father for being with our leaders and with or enemies.  We know that You can change a person, Only You can soften and hardened heart.  Only you can forgive sin.  Only You can give a person a new life…in You.  Thank you Father for what you are going to do for us as we walk the narrow road that leads to you.  Thank you Father for your shepherds leading your flocks.  Father be with Pastor Monty and his family as they take some time off to replenish their life, now that he has been ordained.  Make their trip safe as they drive to Kansas and bring them back home to us, Father , if it is Your will.  I ask all of this in your precious Son’s name, Jesus Christ, Amen!  Amen!


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