These are Some Important Words to Remember

Well, Brothers and Sisters, ‘Ole Silver Streak is a-coming at ya. I hope that you enjoyed the wonderful day that God sent your way.  Yes, it was rather warm, maybe a little humid, but beautiful.  I was called on to help put a float together and we were expecting more people to come and help, but nobody showed up.  I think that the weather was the cause  that most people would use for an excuse.  I really think that ole satan sent one of his angels to stop people.  I know that if they had listened to God they would have been there.  Anyway, we will  try tomorrow.  

Brothers and Sisters, if you missed church tonite, you missed hearing the word of God, in both music and spoken.  Our praise team used several songs that really spoke to my soul.  If you know ‘Ole Silver Streak, you would know that is not an easy thing to do.  One of their songs was titled “I want TO Know You.”  I want to hear Your voice. I want to touch you, I want to see Your face.  I want to know You more.  This is just part of the words that I have been given to tell you about the last few weeks.  They bring alive in this song.  I would suggest that you go to the internet and download it from  Then put it on a CD and play it often, when you feel that you can’t go on any more.  It will pick you up, trust me.    The next song was “Who Am I.”  That is a question that we need to ask ourselves.  God knows who we are, but do we.

Their next song featured a solo by my grand-daughter.  “Free to be Me”  This song talks about dents and cracks. Talks about a young person’s thinking and then what happens when they get God.  It is really good, here again on You Tube.

The final song, was sung by my son.  It was a tribute to the men and women who protect us in far away places.  Go to You Tube and listen to it.  It is really a beautiful song. 

Brothers and Sisters, this has not been an easy pc. to write tonight.  I am doing it and listening to the songs and trying to see around the tear drops.   I have to tell you that there is another song that should be song this time of year and that is “Letters from War.”  Mark Schultz on You Tube.  I know that when I saw him sing this live in Freeport, Illinois two years ago, I had tears in  my eyes thinking back to my own days in the service and the letters to my Mother.  So I would suggest this song.

Brothers and Sisters, during this weekend, visit the memorial on Perryville road or even at your local cemetary.  When you see a serviceman on the street, walk up to him/her and shake their hand and tell them thanks.  At night, get down on your knees and call on your Father to help protect them no matter where in the world they are.  Ask Him to help you accept what is going on now and know that He is coming back and will take control.  Praise Him for what He has done for us and then Praise Him for what he is going to do for us.

Abba, Father, Praise Your name on High.  May your children fall down and praise You.  May you hear the sound of your children’s voice’s as they sing praises to You.  May you know that Your children love You.  Praise your name ,Father.   Father, we come to sit at Your feet to learn what You want us to know.  We want to know You more.  Yes, Father we want to See You, and touch you.  We are chasing after You Father.  Now, we give you all the praise and say thank you for everything you have given us.  We will praise your name always.  Be with us now, Father as we leave and go back to our lives, until we come again tomorrow, like children and learn more.  Be with our churches Father and help them become the church that you want it to be.  Be there Father in the church and make Yourself known to your people.  I ask this in Your precious Son, Jesus Christ, who has covered me with His shed blood.  Amen!  Amen!  It shall be so. 


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