I Am Back Chashing Him!

Well, I have had my night off, Brothers and Sisters, so ‘Ole Silver Streak is off and running again.  Let me ask you, are you?  Off and running that is ……..after God!  If not you should be.  He wants to fellowship with  you.  He wants a closer relationship with you, than you have now.  He thinks you don’t care about him. That you don’t want to have that son/sister and father relation.  I know that you do.  You were just like me.  I thought that I could do it on my own.  I could control my life and make the right decisions.  Well, Brothers and sisters, I tried it my way for almost 45 years, before He tapped me on the shoulder.  No, He “wacked” me with a 2×4 to get my attention.  That definitely was an attention getter.  He sat me down and like the woman at the well, He told me everything I had done up to that time.  It really affected me.  Me the “big” man, know it all, do it myself, never show emotion man.  Brothers, don’t you believe it, you will show emotion.  I broke down and cried.  Not just a tear or two, no, a whole river of tears.  They started out as tears of shame, but as we talked they turned to tears of joy.  Joy that I had found what I was looking for, someone to take control of me and steer me right.  Someone to mold me into the man I was made to be.  I am not saying that I am there, no sirree bob, I have a long ways to go yet.  But I am on the right trail and have the right helper (the Holy Spirit) now. 

As the writer said “I once was blind, but now I see.”  “was lost, but now am found.”  He has taken me “Just as I am” and made me into a new man.  I am learning so much more, but want so much more of Jesus, that I am chasing Him to see more of Him.  I want you to join me in the chase, brothers and sisters.  God is worth chasing after, He is the perfect one.  I talk to Him every day.  His phone line is never busy.  As the song goes. “He is on the mainline.”  He is waiting for your call.  He wants to help you travel the straight line.  He wants to mold you, like He has me.  Make the call, brothers and sisters.  Tonight, when you are ready to retire for the night, drop down on your knees first and talk to Him.  Then the first thing in the morning before you roll out of bed, thank Him for allowing you to breathe another day.  Praise His name as you stand up.  He wants to help you.

Abba, Father.  We come like little children to sit at your feet and learn from you.  We know that there are times that You are going to have to “spank” us and turn us around and head us down the right way.  We will tell you all  our sins and problems.  We will ask for your forgiveness.  We love you Father.  We praise your name to our Brothers and Sisters every day.  We just want to   love You.  Father now we ask that you be with our leaders and help them make the right decisions.  Be with our military as they protect us.  Be with our church and help us to bring it back where You want it to be.  We want more of Your glory in church.  We are coming there to worship You, Father.  We look for You to do something great in our worship service.  We want it now, Father. But in You timing, not ours.  Now be with me Father as I write these words for others to read and pray that it helps them to become closer to You.  Also be with me as I prepare my talks for the Teens and for the adults over the next two months.  That everything I do our say shows You to them, in me.  I pray all this in your precious Son’s name, Jesus Christ, Amen! Amen!  “It shall be so.”


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