Chasing God More

Hi, Brothers and sisters.  ‘Ole Silver Streak  here.  Sitting on the steps of the altar at our church.  This has been such a great week for me.  As you can tell by the last few blogs that I have written.  MY GOD IS AWESOME!.  I can’t say it enough times.  MY GOD IS AWESOME !  Praise God, brothers, if you have a personal relationship with Him.  If not, you had better get one, if not ‘Ole Silver Streak will have to come to your house and give you a little “attitude adjustment,” as we used to call it.  Out behind the wood shed.  You need Him, brothers and sisters, He doesn’t need you.  Granted He wants to come in and control your life, but He doesn’t need you.  Not like you need Him. O.K.?  Do you get it?  It took me 50+ years to get it through this thick skull of mine.  50 years, that is a long, long, long, long time.  Whew!

I am now complete, brothers and sisters.  I have my family, not only the one I am the head of, but the one I was born into.  I also now have begun to CHASE AFTER GOD.  That is something I would not have done a couple of years ago.  I put him in a little box and only let Him out on Sunday and then I would put Him back in the box and store it on the shelf  ’til Sunday came.  Now, I have thrown the box away.  I have cleaned up my house (heart) and got rid of all the disgusting stuff, took all the locks off the doors, and told God that he is welcome in any room of my (heart) house.  I am not ashamed to say that I have joy in everything I do now.  That doesn’t mean that I like everything that I do, but I have a sense of joy about it.  That is something that I have gotten from going through this study with a group of people from our church.  We went through the book by Richard Foster called “Celebration of Discipline.”  It sure opened our eyes about the way we are.  We do need to change and by doing that we will see our church change and become the church that God wants it to be.  I pray that it will happen in my time left here on earth before I go back home.   Brothers and sisters, I would highly recommend that you go to and purchase the book.  Read it and start turning your life around.  Get together with a few other friends and go through it and see what happens.  I know that I am going to get a few friends together and do it.  I want to see God back in our church.  I want to see people coming through the doors of our church, not because we invited them, but because they see what they want in us and they see God in the church.  Please pray for me brothers and sisters that I can be just one little figure that helps build the church back up again.  I need a lot of prayer. 

Abba Father,   Oh what a glorious day You gave us.  What a grand time at church.  Father, I felt your presence in church last night, as Pastor Fox spoke from his heart about Abraham and Issac.  Father I know that you were standing there watching, I also know that you were walking around people and touching them.  Father I thank you for allowing me to feel Your presence so clearly.  Then today, Father, what a message you gave Pastor Fox to tell.  Father, I wish more of your children would come and hear Your words and feel You.  I know that we should come expecting You to be there, but I am afraid that most come just out of an upbringing.  That they feel that is the way the family did it, so they are doing it and not changing.  Father, I ask you to come into our church again and change the people inside.  I want to see people slain in the Spirit and convicted of the truth.  I want them coming because they know that you are going to show up and do something great.  Father, I want that more than anything else right now.  Because if our people don’t change, we may have to close the doors and that would be a bad thing for this community.  I pray Father for that community to see that the church, Father, Your church is alive and well in Cherry Valley, Illinois.  That the word would spread far and wide that “something great is happening at Cherry Valley Church,” and that they will come to see and stay, because they find you, Father, not us. We, Father are just the vessel that you use to do Your works here on earth.  Father, that is my prayer tonight.  That You will make an appearance at Cherry Valley Church and make one soon.  Father, I ask this in your precious Son’s name, who shed His blood for me and other sinners on this earth, Father.  Amen!  Amen!


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