A Few Words

Hello Brothers and Sisters,  Silver Streak  sitting in the sit beside my Lord as we travel on down the highway.  I have the laptop on and am listening to some music.  It is a video of a piano player who is no longer with us.  His name is Anthony Burger, the Lord took him at an early age.  He was 45, when he died of a massive heart attack.  It happened on Feb 11, 2006 while he was playing the piano for Bill Gaither on his cruise.  They say that he was sort of sitting there just stiff with his hands still on the keyboard.  If you want to hear him go to YouTube and put his name in the search bar.  He was/is known as the best Gospel piano player of all times.  You need to hear his testimony.  It is on one of the video’s.  I love him.  He is playing for God now.  RIP.   The other video that I am watching is of the Fairfield Four.  One of the best Gospel quartets.  That is all I am going to say.  You will have to go to You Tube and search for them.  They are worth it.

Tonite, our pastor did something that was out of the ordinary.  He had a sermon all ready to preach, but he listened to the leading of God and did a totally “off the cuff” sermon.  He talked on the story of Abraham and his son Issac.  It was a fabulous sermon.  He told me afterward  that he was scared.  I told him that it didn’t show, because God was right next to him all the time.

Brothers and sisters,  go back and read the story tonight.  You will be amazed at what transpires.  You might, just might learn something about our Lord.  I know I did.  Then, tonight, before you lay your head down on the pillow and pull the covers over your head, drop down on your knees and talk to your Lord.  Tell Him how much you love him.  Tell Him you want him to lead your life from this moment on.  Ask Him to come in as you have unlocked the door.  Tell Him to take control.  Ask Him to mold your and make you into the man He wants you to be.  Then you can go to sleep.

Father, I praise You.  I love You.  I know that I have sinned and I ask you to forgive me and take my sins away.  Then Father, I ask you to help me in this life to be the man you made me to be.  Dad, I ask you to listen to my brothers and sisters, who tonight have dropped to their knees and called you.  Father, please take care of them.  I ask this all in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!


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