Chasing More for God

Well, I am back at the wheel.  “Ole Silver Streak”      No that is not right, I am not controlling this, God is.  He is not my co-pilot, he is the pilot.  Let me ask you, are you doing the steering and controlling of life, with God as your co-pilot?  Is God just sitting there?  I know, you think, “ha, he  doesn’t know anything about me.”  Well, pardner, I do know something about you.  You at the point in your life where you are finally realizing that you have made a mess of it.  I was there, so yes I understand.  You tried to do it your way.  IT DIDN’T WORK !  Now you know why, you were doing the steering. 

Brothers and sisters you need to let go of the wheel and let the master take control.  Only He knows the right way for you.  Remember He created us and He knows us, as a matter of fact He knew us while we were still in our mothers’ womb.  That is an awesome thing to wrap your mind around.  I know.  But it is true.  Now is the time, brothers, to let go and let God.  Let Him take control of your life.  Get down on your knees right now.  Be willing to open every room of your heart.  Don’t hold back.  Give Him every sin and ask His forgiveness.  Ask Him to come and sit on the throne of your heart.  You will never be satisfied until you do.

While your on your knees, as Him to mold you and  your life to the life He has planned for you (Jerem 29:11).“For I know the plans that I have for you.”  Yes, my brothers, He has plans already set for you.  You just have to let Him control them.  Tell him that you want to be the man He wants you to be and not the man you want or are.  He will change you.  Just talk to Him every day and read His word.  Listen for the “still small voice” as He talks.  He will talk to you in many different ways.  It may be in His word, it may be a door being opened for you in your career,  it may be in a dream,  it may be in something the pastor says on Saturday or Sunday,  it may be something another brother or sister says to you or does for you.  Yes, He speaks in many different ways.  He told us in His word that ” I am the good shepherd; and I know   My own and My own know me. “ (John 10:14)  So Brothers, He is calling you.  Listen for Him.  Then follow Him.  Chase Him, be on fire for more of Him.  Tell Him you are chasing Him and want to catch Him.  Never give up the race. 

“Father, I praise you for the things that Your hands have done.  The tears of your eyes that gave the earth nourishment where needed.  The breeze of Your breath as you walk around, that cools off the heat on the earth.  I praise  you for the things that you are going to do.  The growing of the crops, the feeding of the thousands, the feeding of the lonely sparrow.  I thank you, Dad.  I know petition for your hands on my brothers and sisters that are on their knees at this moment, Father.  That you hear their cries for help.  That You look at each one and say welcome home!.  Tell Your angels to start the feast, because another lost soul has come home.  Then guide them Father, as they walk the rest of their lives in Your way.  Pick them up when they fall, steer them back and the straight and narrow when they wander, give them manna, when they are hungry, clothes when they are naked, and keep them on the right path, Father, this is my prayer. 

Father, I now ask for your forgiveness for my sins, I know that you have already done that, even as I do sin, but You want to hear me say the words,  Father, I repent of my sins.  I thank you for being by my side, Father as I try to walk the right path.  I pray that you will be with me and the rest of the team members for both Chrysalis and Emmaus walks as they do Your will.  Be with me as I attempt to steer the teenagers into the right way to talk with You.  Then be with me as I talk to the adults later on about the Preisthood of all Believers.  Father, I need your help everyday, I am weak, but I know that you are strong.  I know that  even if I were the only person on earth you would still cleanse me with Your shed blood.  I thank you, Dad.  Amen!!  Amen!!


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