Back to Chasing God.

Hey, ‘Ole Silver Streak is back in the saddle again.  Wow! the last 48 hours has been a whirl wind for me.  It also has been a very enlightening  period for me.  Today I got two more e-mails from my sisters.  One sent several pictures.  All I could do was stare at her picture.  Here was someone who is part of my family.  I shared with my boys the news.  That they had several aunts and an uncle and several cousins.  They were amazed, but really happy for me.  Isn’t that neat, they were thinking of me instead of themselves.  God sure has made a difference in our family.  I now have to dig deeper to give them more information. 

All I can say is God is awesome!  This is just another example of how God answers prayers.  I have been praying that I would be able to find some of my Birth family and that they would still be alive.  But it seemed for years that every door was slammed in my face.  Little did I know that God was working on the problem.  He was working on there hearts, because in their letters to me, both of my sisters talk about their own faith.  They have told me that they have prayed about this too.  They never imagined that they would find anybody alive either.  Well, God has proving us wrong and yet right.  Wrong in that we didn’t think He cared or answered prayer any more.  Right in that He did it in His time and not ours.  By doing it this way, He taught us a lesson.  Never, ever think that God doesn’t care or hear our prayers.  He just answers them in His time, not ours.  Yes brothers and sisters, He still answers prayer!

He will answer yours, too.  All you have to do is call Him up and ask Him.  Then just keep in prayer and reading His word and believing in  His way.  He will give you the answer He knows you need, not the one you want.  It may be NO.  It may be YES.  It may be NOT NOW.   It will be when He decides, not you.  Just believe.

Abba Father, I just praise your name.  It is the one name above all names.  Father, you are awesome!.  I thank you for the answer to my prayer, even though it came at a time that I was not ready for.  I now know that it came in Your time, not mine.  Father, I wanted it years ago, but You knew that I was not ready, neither were my sisters.  But we all are now.  Thank you Father, for being with Ronn and getting his numbers going the right way and we know that You will take care of his cancer and take it away, if that is Your will, Father.  Be with the rest of the family as we support     him and his family.  Be with the rest as they go through their daily routine, let them know that you are there to lean on.  Father, be with our church as we go through some changes.  Be with Pastor Monty as he leads us, and with his family.  Father, I would ask you to lead me in the way that you want me to go and to be the man you want me to be.  That is my prayer, Dad.  Thank  you again, Dad, for such a beautiful 48 hours.  I praise Your name on high and forever and ever, Amen!


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