Great News

Hello, Brothers and Sisters, this is Ron (‘Ole Silver Streak) sitting here behind the keyboard tonight.  Tonight is a real different night.   I got some really great news.  Let me give you a little background first.  I was born in 1942 and was put in a orphange until I was adopted at the old age of 3.  I never knew my Birth parents nor if I had any siblings.  Well, after I grew up and started married life, I began to search at the library.  My adoptive parents and all were long gone and I had only a cousin, who I could talk to.  The niece and nephew I have never talked to me after their mother and dad passed away, so it was the cousin.  She is 84, but has a good memory.  I had, with the help of my oldest son, come up with a likely subject.  But I had no proof and the adoption records were sealed.  I was in the process of getting a petition to the court to have the records made available to me, when I got the notice to renew my drivers lisence and with it a notice that I could get a copy of my original birth certificate.  Boy, did I fill out that application fast.  The day I got that copy was, at that point, the happiest day of my life.  I now knew without a doubt who my birth mom and dad were.  I found Grandma and Grandpa’s graves, right here in Rockford.  I now put flowers on every year, along with my adoptive family.  I thought that was all I was going to ever get.  Although I have been researching for years, I have no traced Grandma Brennan’s family back to the 1390’s in England.  Grandpa Brennan’s family is from Ireland.  I felt and still do feel good having that much information on them.  I have about the same amount on my adoptive family, also.  Then today happens.

This afternoon, I logged on to the Internet to check my e-mail boxes for any personal mail.  There were two that were from  Both about a Brennan search.  When I read the mail, my heart leaped for joy.  The letter was from a lady looking for information on a Michael Brennan,   and she stated that her father’s name was Joseph Earl Brennan.  That is the same name as my Father.  Things just fell into place then.  I dropped her a quick note and then went about my things for the day.  Late tonight I sat down once again and opened up the mail and there were two letters.  One from Pat (the original one I wrote to) and her sister Linda.  I ended up writing a long letter to both of them giving them as much information as I had. 

So you can see, that I am one happy man tonight.  I have found out that I have at least 2 brothers and 3 sisters.  and numerous cousins.  All I could do most of the afternoon, while waiting in line at the bank and then at the grocery store, was to Praise the Lord.  All I could do was thank Him.  Then tonight before I started any writing of letters and this blog, was to get down on my knees and praise Him again and cry.  I know that God knows how I feel and that I had this ache in my heart to know….for sure.  Now I do and all the thanks and praise are His and my love is His forever.   Wow!  I am even shedding tears as I write this, just like I did as I wrote the other letters earlier.  So now I can end this article for tonight and really get a good night’s sleep.  The best sleep I will have had in an awful long time, because I know He Lives and that I can live tomorrow.  It is His amazing grace that I feel tonight.  I will sing His praises until eternity comes.  He did something beautiful with my life, today.  Thank you, Lord, thank you!  Amen!  Amen!



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  1. Wanetta Kerley Said:

    Wow!!! This is a God Moment for you. How exciting and wonderful this is for you.

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