Still Running After Him !

Well, Brothers and sisters, Ole Silver Streak is here.  I feel a lot better now than I did earlier.  I had a chance to relax and enjoy both my grand daughter and the youngest/newest grandson, this afternoon.  That was the best therapy for me.  My grand daughter mad us egg McMuffins.  Yes, she cooks.  My grandson is a step away from walking.  Still get around faster by crawling.  Reminds me of a new Christian.  We crawl to our Father first.  Then we stand and take that first step, now it is me/us running after Him.  Sorry, it just brought that to my mind.  Anyway, it was a good time.  Tomorrow, I will have the other grandson here all day.  He is 9 yrs old and in his own world.

I had a chance to really talk with my grand daughter today.  She is  16 and very smart (even though she won’t admit it) and told me that she is writing 3 different blogs.  She gave me the url and showed them to me.  I have to say that I am impressed.  On one she writes poetry, on the other two, she just writes how she feels.  When I finished looking at them I sat her on my knee (ha! Ha!) and let her know what I thought of them.  I will try to get her to let me put the link on here soon.  She really does write good stuff.  I guess I can take some lessons from her. 

We do have to talk about her walk with God.  Right now, it is pretty non=existant.  I hope that I can  give her the right words to start her on the back to Him.  P lease keep me in your prayers as I try to guide her as God leads me to do.  Praise God!

Brothers and sisters, we need to step back and take stock of our walk with Jesus.  Where are we at?  Are we still crawling?  Or are we standing up and waiting?  Are we running after Him?  I pray that you are like me and are running  (at top speed) after Him.  I really do want to catch Him and see him.  Yes I do know that I can’t see Him, but I can try.  He lets me see just a little piece of Him every now and then.  Usually when I am tired and can’t find Him.  Then through His word, He steps out a little bit and I see that part of Him and I am off running again.  Please, please, brothers and sisters, join me.  Let’s try to see Him.  All of Him and not some figure on the cross or in a picture any more.  I want the real thing. 

Father, I thank you for the relaxing time you allowed me to have this afternoon.  You knew that both my grand daughter and I needed time together.  Father, she does love you, but at the moment she is having issues and not so sure You are there.  Please tell her that You are there and that you love her.  I can tell by the words she writes on her blogs, that she does love you………  Father, I can’t thank you enough for her and my two grandsons.  There are no words to express how I feel about Sherry and the Boys.  I would not be what I am today without them.  Thank you Father.  Dad, please be with Ronn and his family as he fights off this demon of cancer.  I know that you can take it away, but I think it is a learning time for Ronn.  A time to slow down and re-evaluate his  life and make some changes.  Either way, Dad, please let him know that you are right beside him and you care and are taking care of him.  Father, please be with our leaders, as they need you too.  Be with our Church as we are lead by Pastor Monty to change and become the church you set up originally.  Finally be with me as I take a couple of tests and help me through them.  Father, I send these to you in your Son’s name, who would have shed His blood, even if I was the only person on this planet.  Thank you, Father.  Amen!  Amen!


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