Still Chasing After God.

Silver Streak here,  still sitting on the floor by the altar.  I just can’t seem to leave this place.  It is a place where I feel safe,  warm, wanted, cared about, loved, held.  I could go on, but I think you get the idea.  This is something that I have learned over the last 20 years of  “Talking to Jesus.”   I still have to learn to walk,  now that I can talk about Him.  I know what you’re thinking.  He is batty, and not making much sense.  Well, you will never know if I am right or wrong unless you turn back to Him.  He is waiting for you.  He really wants to do for you, what he has done for me.  Brothers and Sisters, please listen for His voice, you know what it sounds like.  He is calling  you to come back to the family.  He is like a shepherd who goes after the one sheep, who is lost from the herd.  That sheep knows his voice.  So do we.  You just don’t know it.  You really do know the sound of His voice.  Start talking to Him.  Tell him all about it.  Let Him do the worrying about your life.  Worry is a stressful thing to be dong anyway.  It can cause medical problems.  Think about it.  He told us that even the sparrow is watched by Him.  He takes care of every creature on earth. 

I thought of that particular parable He told about the sparrow, as our Saturday service was starting and I was checking to see if there was anyone else coming in, and I saw a ‘little titmouse’ walking around on the entrance way looking for food.  I knew that God would take care of him, so I should not worry.   So I went back into the sanctuary and sat down. 

Brothers and sisters,  I am usually the first person to arrive at church on Saturday, as I open the building.  I turn the lights on, the  sound system, make sure the candles on the altar have oil, open the front door.  As I am doing this I am talking to God all the time.  I only stop when other people are talking to me.  Usually, for me at least, I feel Him walking around our sanctuary, by the time  we walk in back and have prayer with Pastor Fox.  This is after he has prayer with our Praise Team.  We usually have at least 4 people in a circle with him.  As Pastor Fox says, we are “praying him up,” for service.  I know that God is coming back in our church now.  Is He strolling around in your church?  Is your church just a place you go to fill an obligation?  If it is, then you need to really get talking with God.  You need to start something new in your church.  You need to pray around your church.  You need to help people realize that they need to make church meaningful again.  Like the first century church.  Have church the way God meant it to be.  Think about it, where did Jesus preach most?  Who did He associate with.  Not healthy people !  He went to the ones who really needed Him.  The blind man, the begger, the prostitute, etc.  Talk to Him, ask him what he wants you to get the church doing.  I think He will tell  you that the church needs to really worship Him.  I think He wants you to come to church to give something, not get something.  Scary, isn’t it.  Give!, not get.  Give what?  I will let you ask Him.  Don’t be afraid to ask Him, because you really need to know.  like me, you might not like the answer and may go away mad.  But think about it and then pray about it and you will come to realize that He was right all along.  Remember, He wants to be in church.  He really wants to fellowship with you.  He is waiting for you to ask and then look out, because what He will do you will not be ready for.  He will rock your church to its foundation.  So Brother, first get right with Him and then ask Him what he wants you to do.  Remember the saying a few years ago “What would Jesus do?”  well, lets change that to this….“What Would Jesus want me to do?”  We need to always ask Him what He wants us to do. 

Abba Father, Praise you for what you have done for us yesterday, today and what you are going to do tomorrow.  You are awesome and yet so human.  Forceful when needed, yet gentle at the same time.  When we are wrong you give us the proper reproach, even tho we don’t like it.  Then you turn around and hugs us and tell us everything is o.k.  Father, we do have a hard time understanding You sometimes, but that is because we can’t fathom a man who can be in all places at once and can answer so many prayers.  A man who even cares about the lowly sparrow and watches that it doesn’t fall and has enough to eat and a place to sleep.  You do this to show us that you are doing the same for us, but we can’t understand.  Father, please help us to understand  the parables you told people.  Give us a fresh insight.  Carry us when we get tired of “fighting” the problems as we go along.  Let us feel your tears, Father. But most of all let us feel your love for us.  Father, we do love  you, even if at times we don’t show it.  I pray that you will show our leaders the right way to do for your world.  I pray that You will be able to show them hos to bring about a lasting peace for the whole world.  Father we worship you.  Father we pray all this in your Son’s name.  Amen! Amen!



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