Chasing God ! !

You know, sitting here on the steps leading to the altar, here in our church, brings back precious memories.  Memories that I had almost forgotten about.  I look back to when I realize now, just what God was trying to tell me, even back then.  We were married in this church and have been here for the last 44 years.   My wife grew up in this church , was baptized, confirmed in this church.  Then I came along and we met and later got married in this church.  I became a Sunday School teacher, along with her.  I did just about every job in the church over the years.  But one kind of stands  out, not because it did anything to me at that time, but was just one of the pushes I got along the way.  We had just accepted a new pastor and I was doing the stencil for the bulletin.  I walked into his office and asked him what the topic of his sermon was going to be.  He didn’t answer right away, but when he did it “floored me.”  He looked up at me and said “I am not going to preach.”  Well, I was kind of stunned,  I said “well, then who is?”  Again he looked at me and said “You are.”  I almost fell down.  This was to be his first Sunday.  Well, I went home and crammed for a sermon.  Sunday came and he and I had prayer before the service and we went out for the service.  When it came time for the sermon, I walked to the pulpit and opened my folder and it was empty.  I later found my sermon outline and notes laying on his office desk.  I talked for 20 minutes on the subject of “Why I am a Christian,” without any notes.  Later I was told by quite a few of the members that it was one of the best sermons they had heard in years.  I told them that it was totally the Lord’s not mine, as I had left my notes in the pastor’s office.  They didn’t believe me. That was back in 1968, I never again gave a sermon, not until 1992.  A year after I accepted Christ.    As I said, I have done every job in the church and up ’til 92, was not a Christian.   

In 1991, I was asked to represent our church at a weekend retreat.  I went out of curiousity.  It was called “Discover God’s Call”.  That was the weekend that God called me.  Let me explain, we were at a Catholic retreat center and they had a path called the “12 Stations of the Cross” and I had walked it the day before.  It was Saturday afternoon and we had just finished a lesson plan.  We were given a break time to answer some ??’s  I was sitting at a picnic table in front of the entrance and had just finished the question sheet and closed my bible, when I heard a voice tell me to “come to the cross.”  I looked around and there was nobody near enough to have said that.  So I went back to the other book I was reading.  Again the voice urged me to “Come to the Cross.” Again no one around.  So I said “God, if that is you, you will have to show me something, so I know it is You.”  No sooner had I finished speaking than my Bible flew open and landed on the story of the Fleece on the ground.  So I knew then that God was calling me.  So I got up and walked to the path and started up.  I got to about 50 feet from the three crosses at the top, when I was stopped.  It was like I hit a brick wall.   Then the voice told me to get down on the ground and crawl to the crosses.  I did and I sat leaning against the center cross, bawling like a baby and singing  songs I had never known.   The director saw everything and as I came down from there, he asked me if I would tell the group what transpired.  I agreed.  I went back in and cleaned up, as it had rained the night before and I was muddy.  After that I went to the main meeting room for the next segment and was introduced to the group of men and women and young people.  I went to the front and told them what had happened to me and ended it by telling them He anted me to sing a song…”Something Beautiful”.  T started the song and only got about one sentence finished, when I fell to the floor bawling and couldn’t finish it.  But every one did.  That is what happened to me and God told me that I had to tell everyone I met.  I do.  I still have a hard time singing that song.  Praise God!.  I praise Him for calling me and changing me.  He created in me a clean heart.  He can do the same for you.  I don’t know where you are at in you spiritual life, but I know that if you really want to “walk with God.” you have to be changed.  You have to be anointed.  Wow!, that brings up another story.  In a minute I will try to explain.  Right now, I challenge you to get down on your knees, where ever you are and ask God to really come into your life.  If you need help, just write to me and I will pray for you to God. 

Anointing.  My pastor was ordained last Friday night and he was at church Saturday night for service, as two of us did the service.  He stood up after the sermon and asked for a couple of minutes.  He thanked us for supporting him as he was ordained the night before and then he talked about the anointing.  As he talked about it, it brought back my own feelings as I was anointed during the Men’s walk to Emmaus.  He told of the “laying on of hands” and the feeling of the weight of them.  But also the lifting of that weight as the prayers were coming to an end.  I know that feeling and it is one of the greatest feelings I have ever had.  It was the time when we (I) was given authority to speak in God’s name on a special subject, but to also speak with authority to the men in prayer.  I must say that our prayer time during those weekends are quite powerful both for the pilgrims and for the team members.  I pray that each of you have a time like this sometime in your lifetime.  You will feel honored and at the same time weak.  You may be there to lead a man/woman to accept Christ, (Oh, what a feeling that is.  I have had that honor three times).  Father, praise You.  You are awesome!  I love you!  I want more of you!.  I need more of You.  Praise God!

Well, Silver Streak needs to get up and go find some tissue as the tears have been flowing again.  That happens to me quite often when I talk with or about my Lord.  Let me leave you with this prayer.  Abba Father,          What a pleasure it is to sit at your knees and learn about you and ourselves.  To open our hearts and lay them bare for You to see.  To know that You take our sins and throw them away. As far as the east is to the west.  To know that you do not keep a written record of them,  To know that You do not throw them up to us when we talk like this.  Father, thank you for being there always for us to talk with.  It helps us to lighten our backpacks now and then as we walk the road of life.  Father, I praise you and thank you for what you have done for me and thank you for what You are going to do for us.  Now Father, I pray that you will have a Happy day, this weekend, as you find more prodical   son’s coming home.  Oh, and Father if you see my 2 fathers, would you give them some roses and tell them I miss and Love them both.  Father, I love you more than anyone.  Thank you .  Thank you.  Amen!  Amen!  It shall be so!


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