Are You Running After Him?

Hey, it’s  ‘Ole Silver Streak,  sitting here on the ground by the side of the track.  I have been out here running “around” this track and getting nowhere…  I thought that I could catch Him by running here.  But all I do is pass the same old spot again and again and again…….well, you get the idea.  How about you”  Are you still running after Him on the same track and not getting any where?  Don’t you think it is about time that we change our style and get somewhere other than the same old spot time after time?  Are you hungry for God?  The size of your emptiness determines the amount of your filling.  Hunger means you’re dissatisfied with the way it has been because it forced you to live without Him in His fullness.  He only comes whn you are ready to turn it all over to Him.   God wants to bust out of the box we have put Him in and He wants to ruin everything. He wants to reveal Himself  among us.  He wants to come ever stronger, and stronger, and stronger, and stronger until your flesh won’t be able to stand it.  God wants to move in with you and your church family.  How long has it been since  you have been so hungry for God that is consumed you to the point where you couldn’t care less what people thought of you?  What are you feeling right now?  Are you squelching it?  What is gripping your heart?  Don’t you feel the awakening of what you thought was a long-dead hunger?  I’m talking about a hunger for God’s presence.  I said “a hunger for God’s presence.”  This is the crux of what I am saying: How long has it been since you said, “I’m going for God’?  How long has it been since you laid aside everything that ever occupied you and ran down the road of repentance to pursue God?

I tell you that as your brother in Christ, I love you.  But I love Him more.  I couldn’t care less about what other people of minister think about me.  I’m going after  God.  That’s not a pride thing; it’s a hunger thing. When you pursue God with all  your heart, soul, and, body,  He will turn to meet you and you will come out of it ruined for the world.    Good things have become the enemy of the best things.  I challenge you right now to let your heart be broken by the Holy Ghost.  It’s time for you to make  your life holy.  Quit watching what you used to watch; quit reading what you used to read if you are reading it more than you read His Word.  He must be your first and greatest hunger.  God is tired of being “second place” to everything else in out lives.  Everything good, including the things your local church does, should flow from the presence of God.  I don’t care how much you know about the Bible or what you know about Him.  I’m asking you, “Do you know Him?”

The Holy Spirit may already be speaking to you.  If you are barely holding back the tears, then let them go.  I ask the Lord, right now, to awaken an old, old hunger that you have almost forgotten.  Perhaps you used to feel this way in days gone by, but you’ve allowed other things to fill you up and replace that desire for His presence.

In Jesus’ name, I release you from dead religion into spiritual hunger, this very moment.  I pray that you get so hungry for God that you don’t care about anything else.  Lord, we just want Your presence.  We are so hungry.  Amen!

There is much more of God available than we have ever know or imagined.

Well, Brothers and Sisters, are you hungry, really hungry for the presence of God?  Then you will want to follow me as I run after Him.  I want to see more of Him.  I am like Moses, not satisfied with just a corner of His robe from the back.  I will have more to say on this tomorrow night, so do miss it.  Now, Father, I praise your name.  I praise Your works.  I praise what You are going to do for this world.  But I am not happy just to be sitting here, waiting for You to come by, I want to chase you and catch you.  I want all my brothers and sisters to catch You.  We are hungry for more and more of Your presence in our lives.  Father, create in us a clean heart, we pray. In Your Son’s name.  Amen!  Amen!



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  1. Truly touched my heart !! 🙂 God bless you!

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