Chasing after God

Hey, all, Ole Silver Streak is standing out here on the deck and looking at the wonders of God’s handiwork.  Have you looked lately? Or are you to “down in the mouth” to look around you and see the world through the “eyes of your heart” and not your physical eyes.  Are you always walking around with your head down, just hoping that God won’t put that person in front of you.  You keep telling yourself that you can’t do it, you can’t talk to another person about God and their eternity.  I bet when it comes and that person is standing or seating in front of you, you will walk them through it and end up praying with them after they have asked God into their heart. I bet’cha, I do.  Just ask God to help you.  He will, he will give you the words and power to lead them to Him. 

Now, to get back to some more of Anne Lotz’s Pursuing more of Jesus.

Pursue more of His courage in  your convictions.  Be willing to stand out and speak up for Jesus in all areas of your life, and with whoever you meet.  Take a strong public stand for the uniqueness of who Jesus is; for the truth of the entire Bible; and for the necessity of living a life of integrity, purity and humility in order to please God.  Rather than living a lifestyle that simply blends in with that of non-believers, show people the difference that you relationship with Jesus makes in your attitudes and actions.  Pray for the courage you need to stand by biblical convictions when others pressure you to be complacent or politically correct.  Ask the Holy Spirit to use all of your conversations with others to glorify God in whatever ways He guides you to do sol  No mater how much pressure you encounter to compromise your convictions decide that you will never give up, shut up, or let up, because of your love for Jesus.

Pursue more of His nearness in your loneliness.  When you feel lonely, remember that Jesus is always with you.  Pray for more awareness of His presence close to you, and take comfort in it.  Although other people may sometimes disappoint you or abandon you, Jesus will always be there for you.  Remember that Jesus is much more than just a man, prophet, teacher, revolutionary, icon, or symbol.  Jesus is God Himself – and He loves you.

Pursue more of His answers to your prayers.  It’s an incredible privilege to be able to go directly to God at any time and in any place with your prayers.  Jesus has promised that when you ask Him for anything according to His will and believing in His power to act, He will answer.  Whenever your prayers seem to go unanswered or turn out the opposite  of what you asked God to do (such as when  you pray for your career and get laid off or when you pray for a loved one’s healing and he or she dies), trust God anyway.  Remember that His ways are not your ways, and He will act according to what’s best from His unlimited perspective on every situation.

Pursue more of His glory on your knees  Embrace God’s purpose for your life single-mindedly and wholeheartedly.   Stay focused on what God wants for your life, and do all you can to fulfill that purpose well.  Let your determination to do the work God has for you to do lead you to make wise choices like:  less sleep and more prayer, less TV and more study,  less shopping and more tithing,  less eating and more exercise,  less talking and more listening,  or less work and more worship.  Serve God faithfully to glorify Him every day.

Well, Brothers and Sisters that is the end of the excerpts from her book.  I think if we were to practice all of them, we could have a better life and maybe, just maybe,  we could find God.  Maybe we would get to see a small part of His robe, from the back.  Like Moses did on Mt Sinai.  But if you are like me, I want to see more of Him, I want to see Him face to face.  So I am chasing Him,  just like I did my earthly Dad.  We played hide and seek at least two or three times a week.  He would always find a good hiding spot.  I could never find him, but he would always let me see a little part of him, before he would disappear again.  Then finally, he would let me catch him and he would hug me and swing me around in the air.  That is what I want to do with God.  Catch Him, hug him, let him swing me around in the air.  Come along with me and let’s  Chase God.

It any of the words that I write touch your heart and bring you to your knees and help you to  look up and say ,”Dad, I was wrong and I went against your will, but now I know I was wrong and I want to come home.  Please forgive me”.  Please drop me and e-mail and let me know.  I want to rejoice with you and the angels of heaven, to know that another lost soul has come home.  (  I promise you that when you do, He will throw the biggest party in heaven.  You see, He cares for and loves you.  He would go to the ends of the earth to find you and bring you back to the family.  That is the way of the shepeard.   Then when you are done, tell everyone you know that you ask God to be the center of your life.  Then find a Bible teaching, bible believing church and step up and help build the family.  You say, “I can’t do that.  I can’t talk , or write.  Send someone else, Lord”.  He will tell you that he has already sent someone to help you……The Holy Spirit.   Always spend time with God every day, on your knees.  Read His word,  He will speak to you.  You will know His voice.  Just listen.  I know, Brother/Sisters, because I was there.  I was a “fake Christian”.  But that is a story for another time. 

Again, drop me and e-mail and let me know.  I am just the  wessel as Chekov says.  God is the potter.  Let Him use you like He is me.  It will be a journey full of wonderous happenings.

Well, Brothers and Sisters, Ole Silver Streak is going to step on out of here for tonight and find a quiet place to sit and cogitate on things for a while.  You’al  take care.  God Bless.


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