Pursuing More of Jesus

Evening, brothers and sisters.  Ole Silver Streak out here on the byways is coming at you again.  I pray that you had a great day.  I did, our son was released from the hospital today.  Praise God!  Now he has to work on beating this thing called Luekemia.  Please keep the prayers coming for him.  He will be having  chemo treatments now, for awhile.  So that was the big event for us here. 

Now I want to talk to you about getting with Jesus more.  Be a God Chaser.  Are you satisfied with just a glimpse of Him?  Don’t you really, really want to see more of Him.  Don’t you want to catch Him?  Well, if you do you need to really get into His word and start talking with Him on a regular basis.  I mean every day.  Maybe all day long.  You can shot little arrow messages to Him while you are working or driving, or out in the yard.  As a matter of fact, that is the one place that I really talk to Him.  Just seeing His hand at work in everything I see, gets me going.  The sonrise, most days is so beautiful.  the way the clouds are formed by His brush strokes.  The drops of His tears, that nourishes the ground to grow the crops, to furnish our manna.  The thunder of his heart, as He cries for the creatures he formed.  The lightning of His words as they strike the earth.  Then, the beauty of the rainbow, to show His covenant with us.  So yes, the outdoors is the place where I can really talk with Him.  Like today,  As I was walking behind my lawn mower, I felt the gentle touch of His breath, in the breeze.  It let me know that He was beside me and listening to what I was saying.  Then later as I knelt in the garden, the stillness of His presence, again let me know that He does care, not only for me, but for all of you, brothers and sisters.  All you need to do is look around and see His hand at work.  Praise God!.  He is good all the time.  All the time He is good. 

More from Anne Graham Lotz’s book  Pursue More of Jesus.

Pursue more of His fruit in your service.  If your service for God lacks the fruit of changed lives, you don’t have to try harder, pray more, or claim greater territory in service.  Instead, you should examine your personal relationship with Jesus to see how closely you’re connected to Him.  It’s the quality of y our connection to Jesus that will determine whether or not you’ll have the power to bear good fruit for His kingdom.  The fruit you bear isn’t produced through your own efforts; it’s produced by the Holy Spirit through you as you consistently rely on God.  Jesus is the Vine and you are the branches.  God may sometimes choose to prune you to bear good fruit by cutting out of your life everything you depend on – except your relationship with Jesus.  When you’re forced to pay attention to your relationship with Jesus because that’s all you have, your connection to the Vine gets bigger, empowering  you to produce more fruit.  Trust God when He prunes the branches of your life; He knows what’s best to help you grow.  Pray for greater fruitfulness in your service, asking God to conform you more closely to the image of Jesus, use you to make others want to know Him better, give you opportunities to share His Gospel and give you the fruit of changed lives as a result, draw others  to Himself through a Bible study you lead, or give you one person to share His love with today.

Pursue more of His love in your home.  As you give Jesus more of your heart, He will fill it with more of His love, and that will overflow into the lives of the people with whom you interact each day.  When you let God’s love flow through you, it will empower  you to love even those people who are difficult for you to love – those whose personalities or behavior makes them seem completely incompatible with you.  Rather than just avoiding  or tolerating difficult people, choosing to show God’s love to them will bless you in the process because God will use them to grind off the weak edges of your character to make you stronger.  Ask Jesus to help you love people sacrificially, as He does.  Instead of choosing to love only people who meet your needs, whom you get along with, who make you feel good, who do things for you, who give you things you want, whom respond with love, and whom you like, choose to demonstrate love to everyone , regardless of whether or not  you like them and how they respond to you.  When you love someone sacrificially, your act of love then becomes an act of worshiping Jesus.  

Well, brothers and sisters,  we have come to the end of this ride.  And what a ride it was.  I know, you thought that I was driving the wagon, but I was just along for the ride.  Jesus was driving,  while God was talking.  I want to thank Anne for her insight into Pursuing Jesus.  I pray that God blesses her more and more.   

Now,  Brothers and sisters,  I hope that you are coming up with a Bible verse that you can text in 160 characters maximum.  Come on, it can’t be that hard.  Let me hear from you soon.  “Abba, Father, I thank you, for being with my son, Ronn and his family as they have finished part 1 of a series of treatments.  I know that they love You and follow You.  Father, now that he is home, surround that house with your angels and let nothing of Satan’s get inside.  Keep them safe and strong in You.   Father, I ask your blessing on these words that I write each night.  I mean every word of these messages.  I ask you to show me any sin that I need to confess to you Father.  I then , ask that you replace it with your love.  I want to be with you all the time.  I want to know about the things that you did and had written about you in your Word.  I want my family to be with you, too.  Father I love you.  I praise you, I worship You.  You rein forever and ever, Amen”.


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