Well, here I am, (silver streak).  A little more feeling like God loves me more now than last night.  I  am happy for all the men and women who were ordained tonight and sure that they are glad it is over.  I will just be glad to have our Pastor back in the pulpit. 

Tonight, I am going to pick up where I left off with the words of Anne Graham Lotz..from her book (Pursuing More of Jesus).

Pursue more of His death in your life.  Death produces power that leads to more blessings in life.  Just as Jesus died on the Cross so you could be spiritually alive.  He wants you to die to your own desires and yield to His desires for you so you can experience the best life possible.  God uses pressures, problems and pain in your life as nails to pin you to a cross of  your own.  If you submit to Him while you go through them, you will experience what it’s like to die to yourself so God’s power can live through you.  Every kind of brokenness you experience can lead to a corresponding blessing if you’re willing to die to your own: will, goals, dreams, desires, expectations, plans, rights, and reputation.  If you choose to die to yourself, God will pour out blessings like a character that reflects His own, a witness that leads to other people’s lives being transformed, and rewards from God himself.

Pursue more of His dirt on  your hands.  Just as Jesus was willing to get His hands dirty serving others willingly, humbly obediently, and gladly,  He expects you to do the same.  Choose to serve other people whenever God calls you to – even when it’s not convenient or when you’re struggling with serious problems of your own.  Shift your focus from yourself to Jesus and the people He wants you to serve.  In the process, your own problems will become more manageable.  Never view  yourself as being above any particular type of service – changing diapers, mowing grass, making coffee, visiting prisoners, etc.. When you do any task that God calls you to do, your work – no matter how humble – will become important because you’re answering  God’s call.


Pursue more of His hope in your grief.  Jesus has given you the hope of heaven in your grief.  Let the promise of heaven sharpen your focus to help you see that any difficult situation  you’re going through now is temporary compared to a joyful eternity with Jesus.  Look forward to the reality of seeing Jesus face to face and enjoying the company or loved ones who have gone before you, when it’s your time to go to heaven

Wow!  What powerful words, she has written.  I pray that you will read these and then ask God to help you understand them better.  He can give us the right understanding.  “Heavenly Father,  I thank you for the words tonight, from Anne Lotz’s book.  She really has a grasp on them.  Father I thank you for all the Brothers and Sisters that I now have and for all the ones in the future.  I pray that you will be with me as I work with the team for Flight #35 and then with the Men’s Walk #126.  I pray Father, that they caterpillars and pilgrims, will see Your Son, Jesus through whatever we do on those weekends. Thank you, Father Amen!


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