Hello Brothers and Sisters,  Silver Streak coming to you once again.  Tonight will be just a little shorter than my other blogs.  The reason is because the pastor of my church will be ordained tomorrow night in St Charles, Ill.  He has been our pastor for almost a year.  We have talked quite a bit about this ceremony.  How many of you know what it takes to become ordained?  Probably just a few.  I know I didn’t know, but I do now.  It has taken him 10 years to the month, to get to this ceremony.  I have a hard time with this, as according to scripture Jesus said that were are all ministers.  He doesn’t make any distinguishing remarks about this.  So all this time I thought we are all ministers and that is the way I have always treated my position within the church.  Now I am told that I can do just about anything, except marry, bury or give communion. Bummer.   To me that isn’t right.  If we are to take the Bible as God’s word, then I should not have to be ordained.  So will just ask God’s blessing on the proceedings and get on with my life as a lowly minister.  I really do love to talk about my Lord and Savior.  I can talk about Him all day long.  I pray that He understands my confusion.  I pray that you, too, understand it also.  I ask my Father to help me understand.  


Father, I love you.  I ask you to help me understand  your Word better, so that I can accept that You want brothers that are special in Your eyes to give your word and celebrate your supper with others. Amen!


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