More Thoughts as We Talk

Hello Brothers/Sisters,  Ole Silver Streak coming at you on the network. I have been sitting in front of this ole computer for almost 20 minutes and just now, started typing.  I was waiting for God to put a thought or two into my head for tonight.  Then my eyes came to rest on an article that I downloaded, intending to use for my Bible Study class.  It is somethings that were penned by a young lady that I love to read, Anne Graham Lotz, it comes from her latest book: “Pursuing More of Jesus”. I am going to use a little of her words in this and tomorrow’s blog.  So sit back and close your eyes and listen to her words.  Every day  presents a fresh opportunity to pursue a closer relationship with Jesus – and the more  you have of Jesus in your life, the better your life will be.  So don’t settle for just occasional encounters with Jesus in some parts of your life.  Keep pursuing more of Jesus until your whole lief is saturated with His power.


Go for the Maximum, not the minimum.  Choose to go after more than just the bare minimum God has to offer you.  Make your faith about more than just trying to escape hell and get your ticket punched to heaven.  Invite God to completely transform you:: bending your will, awakening your conscience, breaking your heart, transforming your mind, overcoming your prejudices, soaring in your spirit and conforming you into His glorious image.


Pursue More of His Voice in your ear.   Out of the many voices you hear speaking to you each day – through other people, circimstances, etc – you need to learn how to discern what’s truly God speaking and what’s not.  Keep in mind that any authentic message from God is biblical (straight from God’s Word), personal(in the language of  your own life), and powerful (resulting in lives either changed for the better or saved). If someone claims to have a message from God for you, test it by making sure that it’s in accord with and confirmed by the Bible.  Remember Jesus’ voice by getting to know the Bible well (reading it, studying it. understanding, applying it. and living it). and then trust His guidance when making decisions.


Pursue more of His tears on your face.  Jesus understands and cares when you’re crying tears of pain.  Remember how much he suffered on the Cross, and see your own sufferings as opportunities to draw closer to Jesus.  No matter what you’re going through – the loss of a job,   a friend’s betrayal,  a health crisis,  a spouse’s unfaithfulness, a child’s rebellion – Jesus is crying along with you and will meet you in the middle of your suffering with His presence. 


Pursue more of His praise on your lips.  It’s easy to praise Jesus when yur life is going well, but Jesus is still worthy of praise even when problems and pressures darken y our circumstances.  Make the deliberate, conscious choice to praise Jesus every day, no matter what, to honor Jesus and learn how to walk by reliable faith instead of shifting feelings. Praise Jesus for who He is by frequently thinking of one of His many wonderful attributes and thanking Him for it.  Praise Jesus for what He has done by thanking Him for specific blessings in your life on a regular basis.  Real praise is affirming your faith even in the midst of desperation when  you choose to cling to Jesus alone.


Well, Brothers, that is all for tonight.  I think that is a lot to take in. Tonight before you go to bed, send Him a “knee mail”.  Ask Him to help  you understand what the author is telling you.  He will tell you if you just listen for His voice and then Confirm it in His Word. 

“Father I just ask you to be with us during the dark hours as we try to sleep and also try to understand the author’s word.  Father, please  protect us from satan’s arrows tonight, allow us to wake up tomorrow (if it is your will) and walk another day, telling the lost of your word and helping the harvest.  Thanks you Father, I ask in Jesus ‘name.  Amen!  It shall be so.




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