Greetings Brothers/Sisters, Ole Silver Streak setting here at the computer tonight.  I was doing some work outside this afternoon, along with my wife.  We babysat our grandson for most of the afternoon.  It was hot here and we knew that it would be too hot to work a long time outside.  We had fun with him instead.  I think that God wanted us to have this time with him, so he made it hot and humid out.  Anyway, along towards dinner time we took him and went to the store and then to McDonald’s for an early dinner.  It was fun sitting there watching him eat chicken McNuggets for the first time.  And to watch him as he tried to find the aircraft that were flying overhead.  I use to take his Daddy to McDonald’s and then to the airport to watch the planes.  His daddy recently said that it was the one memory of us doing things together that he remembers to this day and then tonight he told me that he plans to do the same thing with his son and help him create a memory of it for him to care on with.  Wow!  God you sure do work in mysterious ways.  Thank you for this chance to reconnect with my son.  Amen!.

As I sit here typing, I am reminded of how much God loves us and wants to talk with us.  I also am reminded of how often we fail to “call” God and tell him things, especially that we “love Him”.  Brothers/Sisters I hope that you don’t forget to do that…..daily.  Or do you do like I have done in the past and just said “blah, blah, blah, bing, blah.  later, God. Bye.”

But, you know what happened?  God changed me.  He softened my heart.  He made me read His book.  Then He said to me, “I made you to have fellowship with.  I want to help you, but you don’t ask.  Now you know that and you can change.”  Boy, did I change.  Now every morning I am up before dawn.  I get my cup of coffee and decend into my “man cave”, to have a conversation with my Father.  First I read His word, at least 4 times, each time asking myself a different question. It is called “Lectio”.  The first time, some words may jump out at you,  You may write them down.  The second time, Concentrate on the words, and ask, “what is God saying to me with those words”.  The third time you read through it ponder your thoughts and feelings allowing each reading to speak to your deeper self and ask, “what is God asking me to do”?  Finally, rest, in the contemplation of the joy, the simple loving, beautiful, wordless presence of God and rest in what He has taught you.  Then, I talk to Him in prayer.  It is the most wonderful time of the day for me.  My wife will do the same thing later on, before she goes to work.  Me, I will talk with the Lord as I work outside.  Tonight, though, I have a bigger job and that is to be an “Intercessor” for someone.  That is an awesome job.  Have you ever done it?  Do you know what it means to be an intercessor?  Google the word and see what you find.  You might be surprised.  I have people that I am an intercessor for who are not from my church, not in the USA, Not Christian, or a back slider.  It might be a pastor, or a leader of the government.  It might be a teenager, or a senior citizen.  I don’t care and most of the time I have no idea.  I am usually given a number and the prayer request..for 21 days.  If God shows me a certain verse He wants the person to know, I type it and send it to the leader.  But you know what is really a blast for me?  It is to have a conversation with someone (sometimes strangers) and as they are about to leave, I ask them a question.  I ask (Is there anything in your life right now, today, that I can pray for…for you”?  I love the expressions and the answers, too.  Brothers, try it sometime and see if it doesn’t make your day.  Let me know when you do it and what happened.  This is one reason my prayer list is almost 4 pagers long.  Yes, I admit that I write each one down.  That is alo why my prayer time is longer than most people’s, but that is o.k.  I don’t tell you this to brag, but to let you know that you can do this thing, intercessory prayer.  It is not that hard.  Just ask people.  Start at church, ask your pastor, I do.  Then do as Jesus told us to do…..go outside of church and start asking.  That is the bait to catch them (off- guard, so to speak) and then real them in.

I am going to give you this little prayer.  It is entitled “Prayer Walk”, by Cindy Evans.

Lord, as we stroll  through these streets

May we be those withe beautiful feet,

praying the good news will be spread

in each home, each life, each bed.


We lift up each neighbor’s needs

and that they’d live lives as You lead.

You’re familiar with each person, each heart,

and we will intercede and do our part.


We feel the Spirit moving here and there,

it is our Joy to left each and every care,

knowing that You love them dearly

and answer prayers wisely and clearly.


Help us obey Your holy prompting,

gives us strength to continue walking…

Lord, what an honor to serve and pray,

be with us now each step of the way…


What a wonderful prayer that was.  Now, Brothers and Sisters, let’s do what that prayer says.  Let us go out and walk and obey His prompting.  Who knows, the one you help may just be Jesus.  Wouldn’t that be great.  I know that we may never see Him, but it could be one o f His angels.   That is my prayer, that you may help just one.  He says that the fields are ready, but the help is sparse.  Let not it be said of us that we weren’t ready to go  out and do the harvest.  Let us become “fishers of Men”.  Remember the Great Commission.  Get up off that couch and tell Him. “here am I, send me.”  Become a soldier in God’s Army, now.  I will look for you on the front lines soon.  God bless .  Thank you Father for the words tonight and also for the privilege of serving in your army.  I put my life in your hands. 


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