A little walk towards a lot of prayer

Hello brothers and sisters,  Silver Streak is coming at ‘cha again with a short talk tonight.  You’all keep me in your prayers tomorrow, as I give a talk at a training session.  I will be giving a talk on prayer.  How many of you have ever thought about prayer.  What is prayer?  When do you pray? Where do you pray? Or do you pray at all?  Finish this sentence: When it comes to prayer, I__________________________.  Write me and let me know how you answered it.  Prayer is a lot like the phone.  Remember I always say that God’s line is never busy, never answered by a computerized voice machine, and never unwanted.  God wants to talk with us and share things with us.   He created us to fellowship with Him.  So Brothers and sisters, remember to call Him.  He is waiting to talk with you and to help you.  Also  He does receive “kneel” mail, too.                 


That is all for tonight.  I am off and heading for bed, so that I can get up at 0600AM and head into Chicago for my training day. 

God bless you all.  May He keep you and bless  you until we meet here again.


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