My Take on Things

Hello, Brothers and Sisters,

Silver Streak, is coming  at you from down by the well.  I am just sitting here, praising my God.  It was a beautiful day out today.  I know some of you are going to say it was cloudy, some will say it was awful and cold.  But no matter what you say, God had his hand in it.  Did you see the way the clouds were shaped today.  How the son played peek-a-boo with us this afternoon.  Did you notice how the wind moved things around a little bit.  That was all God’s doing.  He was trying to get peoples attention.  Did He get yours?  Did you stop to listen? Or did you just keep on doing what you were doing?  Brothers and sisters, He just wants to talk with you.  To give you something of which you asked for.  You already have 2 of them.  He was trying to give you the third one.  “Sanctifying Grace”. God’s Holy Spirit has set up His throne in our spirit by initiating in us His Saving Grace.  However, self, soul and sin are adverse to our growing new spirit and are constantly trying to tempt and entice us away from our new spirit filled life.  To combat these aversions, God has given us Sanctifying Grace: grace that purifies and empowers us for victory.  God has given Sanctifying Grace and made it available to fill our whole being with its cleansing radiance, even while sin is trying to capture our soul with its infectious dark vapors.  Sanctifying Grace is available to us giving us light and strength to filter and purify our passions.  While sin strives to permeate our souls with dark fumes, to chill our ardor and extinguish the work of the spirit, God’s Sanctifying Grace is there to oppose it.  If we align the soul in harmony with the renewed spirit through obedience to the Holly Spirit, and consecrate ourselves to the in-flowing  Sanctifying Grace, we feed and nourish the inner man and grow more and more like the Man from Heaven.


Because we have accepted God’s Saving Grace our spirit yearns to serve God, but out soul continues in the desire to serve itself.  Divided we face confusion and depression, because we cannot serve both.  Attempting to do so creates a duality that arrests God’s Sanctifying Grace and keeps it from flowing to cleanse the soul.  If this duality continues, gradually, the outer-man, gains strength and the inner-man withers … there is no middle ground!  In the end, we will serve one and hate the other.    WOW!

On another note, If Jesus was God, why did He need to Pray?  Simple answer: because He was fully human.  Though He was also God and had a unique relationship with His father, He lived on our level.  He showed to us a life of prayer is a necessity, not a luxury. Jesus lived in complete dependency on the Father.  Can we do any less?  Brothers and sisters, we need to follow His lead and live a life of prayer.  We need to talk to Him everyday, all day.       But most of all, we need to learn to listen for Him to talk to us.    “Father, Abba, We need you.  We thank you for all  you have done for us and look forward to all you are going to do for us.  I ask that you accept those, Father, who have completed the journey of life, as the cross the river.  I ask that you be with our leaders, as they try to set this country right, but I also ask you to be with those of us who want to get back to the way your church use to be.  Father, be with those who are sick and hurting, those in the hospitals.  Steady the hands of the doctors as they work, give the nurse that little whisper as they serve the sick and injured.  Father I would ask that you be with all the team members of the upcoming walks and flights.  Allow them to see you working in each other and show the people attending the face of your son Jesus, through out the weekends.  I pray that those who are not believers will come to see that you are the only way to Heaven.  I ask all this in your precious Son’s name. Amen! Amen!  It shall be so!


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