Prayer During Hard Times

Hey, it is Silver Streak here.  I have stayed away for a while from writing on my blog here, because of a serious situation within our family.  Most of you who read my writings, know my Sons.  The two oldest are associated with our Praise Team at church.  Ronn Jr. is the director and Ryan Sr, is a singer.  Well, just recently we were advised that our son )Ronn Jr) was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia.  He has been in Swedish American Hospital for the last 20 some days.  He has had  one round of chemo treatments.  He will be coming home in about three weeks.  During that time his wife (Leta) made a decision to move from the house they have been living in for quite some time, into her Mother’s house.  The reason is because there is mold growing in their closet in the bedroom.  Ronn can not be around that at all.  He will also be restricted to not having flowers or fruit around either.  So we spent most of the week before Memorial Day moving two households and cleaning up both houses.  There is a lot more to do, but it can wait a while.  Both of his brothers have stepped up and taken on some things that he was doing.  I know that he will find it hard to not be able to do things he enjoys, such as acting or directing plays.  He is involved with the Main Street Players of Boone County and has been for the last 3 or 4 years.  He will be off work for a long time, if he can even go back to work. 

I know that this is not a single case.  There are others out there who are going through things like this.  It just wasn’t suppose to happen to our sons.  Yes, brothers/sisters, I was mad at God.  I yelled at Him for allowing it to happen.  Yes, I even turned away from Him.  You may wonder what has changed.  What did  I do?  What did God do?  Well, actually nothing really changed.  I just didn’t talk to God like I had been and like I have been telling you to do.  So what did I do?  I went back and re-read what I have been writing.     Then I went back to God’s  Word and really read it and meditated on it.  Then I got down on my knees and asked for His forgiveness.  He said “Son, you have nothing to worry about, because I washed away all your sins.  I forgave you the moment you did it.  I was just waiting for you to come back to me.  I love You, my Son.”  Right then and there, I knew that He was and is my/our Father.  Brothers, I love Him more now than ever.  I will never turn away again. 

I pray, brothers and sisters, that as you read this, my testimony, that you will go to your quiet place, get down on your knees and ask God to create in you a clean heart.  One that has been washed with the blood of Christ, one that is as “white as snow”, and really believe that God wants a relationship with you.  Call him Father Abba.  Tell him everything, rant and rave at him all you want, he will not stop you nor will he criticize you for your errors.  He will hold  you in His arms and tell you that He loves  you and that your slate has been wiped clean.  He will tell you that you have a new life in Him. 

Brothers and sisters, this has been probably the hardest blog to write for me.  But it is one that I felt I had to write.  I am compelled to  tell everyone about what God can do and does for those who believe in Him.  As I said in the above paragraph, I urge you, NO, I demand that you get down on your knees right now and ask for His saving grace and never turn from Him.      He is always ready to say “I forgive.”  Remember, His phone is never busy.   He is always there, waiting, wanting to fellowship with you (us).

Now may the Lord bless you and keep you until we meet again.  May He make your path straight and your backpack light. May you walk and when you are troubled, look down and see only one set of prints, know that He is carrying you.  Remember too, that God loves you and so do I.  Amen!  Amen!


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