“Heaven’s Line” is always open.

Hey, it’s Silver Streak here.  I pray that you all had a great day today.  It was beautiful here.  The temp was warm and the sunshine was around most of the day.  I was outside in God’s world doing some work and praying.  It just seems to go together for me.  I hope that you all had some time to call Heaven and talk with Our Father.  You know that He is always there and guess what?  No busy signals and no computerized answering machine either.  Ain’t it great.  A direct line 24/7.  Anyway, I did get some work done and was given some great verses to use here, periodically.  I just love it when I go to Him and let him explain His Word to me.  It gives me “goose bumps.”  No that isn’t the right set of words, I meant to say “God bumps.”

When I sat down here in my office to start this blog, I cleaned out a few things around my desk , while waiting for the site to open up.  I came across a saying that I had written down, but when I went to get it I couldn’t find it again.  So, let me put this one out there and get your take on it.  That means you will have to e-mail me or leave a comment.  So listen up.  So often we give lip service to Bible study or reading our Bible.  But, when we open our Bible…..we open a door to a deeper discipleship.  A deeper understanding of His Word.  O. K.  give me your comments. 

Prevenient Grace is the first of the three graces we learn about on our Emmaus Walk.  It is the seed, soil and rain that gives life.  It is the abundance of God’s magnanimous generosity.  It convicts, protects and nourishes all life.  it    enables us to be amazed by life and it is our first inclination that something is amiss in ourselves and in our world.  Prevenient Grace awakens in us the earnest longing for love, laughter and peace It draws us toward perfection and reminds us of our imperfections.  It beckons us toward truth and instills our desire to understand.  Prevenient Grace prompts the spirit of our inner man and nudges us toward both the desire to please God and the impulse to seek His will. 

God’s Prevenient Grace is free and available to all of us who are willing to open ourselves to the wonder of its presence, anyone will to accept the offer of His generous Covenant.  God values everything he has created and He has endowed us with the capacity to choose our own path.  He has empowered us to receive or reject the generous offer of His Prevenient Grace: Neither sin nor suffering will alter that.  The choice is ours?

Will you choose to accept His Prevenient Grace, my brothers and sisters.  It is the first of a marvelous group of grace’s.  Accept it and tell God yes!

T will leave you with this scripture to read and think about.  I would suggest that you read it more than once.  Let the words speak to you, then tell someone what you found in the scriptures.  Read  the verse before and the verse after.  “God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” (2 Corinthians 9:8)

Tomorrow night, I will talk on Saving Grace

May God Bless You and keep you until we meet again

In Christ’s Service

Ron Sr



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