Hello Brothers

I pray that you have been reading what I have been writing?  I pray that you have been spending quality time with Jesus.  Talking to him about your problems. Asking him what he wants  you to do?  Asking him for interpretation of His Word?  I pray that you asked him about the sick, shut-ins, travelers, and anyone else you thought of.  Have you asked for prayer for your church, your pastor?  How about for your small groups, Sunday School, worship.  These are things that we should be doing.  Did he ask to see a certain room?  I mean you did clean up the rooms of your heart, right?  You hid the cigarettes, and the Playboy books, right?  Made sure that the rooms had the right pictures out and the right books?  Even tho, you haven’t touched the Bible in ages, you wiped the dust from it.  Then just before you let Jesus in, you went and locked the one door.  The one you didn’t want him to see.  Where all your sins were stacked.   And what did Jesus do when he came into your heart house?  Didn’t he cry?  Didn’t he shed tears on the floor of your heart.  Did he make you feel good or ashamed?  If you were like me, you were somewhere in between.  You wanted to show him, but you also wanted to keep  them.  You felt that when you reached the Gates, you would still be allowed in.  I mean you have been doing all this work in His name, right?  Come here, sit down and let me tell you a few things.  Satan has been working very hard in your life and you didn’t even know it.  He has been trying to keep you from see the truth about God.  But above all, he has kept you  from seeing the truth about himself and the nature and effects of sin. 

We need to understand the sin of the Bible.  There are 3 different words or attributes to describe sin’s various facets.

First, transgression–which means to rebel against and /or ignore God’s laws, to make our own rules and go our own sinful way.

Second, iniquity–which is the expression of our sinful nature.  For instance, a person is not a sinner because he sins, but rather, he sins because he is a sinner.

Third, Missing the Mark. as the Bible teaches, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory (standard) of God.” God’s mark is perfection, which means completeness, wholeness and maturity.  Therefore, anything in my life that falls short of these is sin.  This would include failing to face and resolve hurts from the past, my secret sins, sins of resentment, pride, anger, bitterness, denial, my failing to resolve my areas of immaturity, and ton.  It also includes sins of omission; that is failing to do things we know that we should and need to do, such as helping a neighbor who reaches out to us for help.

Once we understand the nature of sin and Satan’s devices, with deep honesty and God’s help, we are free to work on overcoming the sins and problems that so easily beset us.  Brothers that means to clean up the rooms of your heart and throw out all the junk, by repentance and acceptance of God. 

Brothers and Sisters, I want you to send up some knee mail  to God tonite.  Here is a prayer that I used: “Dear God, please give me the courage to face my total ‘dark side’ and every secret and known sin so I can bring these areas of my life to you for  your healing and recovery.  And please help me to always live in harmony with your Word and your will.  Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer.  Gratefully, in Jesus’ name, amen.”

Well, Brothers and Sisters, Ole’ Silver Streak is going to get up off his knees (yes, I do send up a lot of knee mail to the man upstairs.  He has been real good to me and my family over the years.  So as I have said before, “give him a call, there are no busy signals on His phone.  He is always waiting to talk with you and me.  So call him right now.”  Till the next time, God Bless


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