Greetings Brothers and Sisters.  Silver Streak here to take you on a ride.  We start about two month ago, as we listen in on a roundtable conversation.  Listen, they are talking about, something called a ….a ….um gathering.  Not sure what that is, but I am going to find out?  They are talking about fourth day and talks.  Confusing.  Another one says who is going to do the music?  Someone else speaks up and asks is it “potluck” or are we cooking here?  Who is leading the service?  Wow! what a bunch of questions, makes my head swim.  Guess I will have to keep up on this. 

Well, here it is Saturday night, May 14th.  I am here and so are a couple of other people.  Oh! here comes the singers.  Whoa those two look younger than the others.  What?  Somebody says it is the Praise Team.   Hope they sound better than the last bunch I heard.  Lookie, there is the Pastor. walking around like a bull in a china shop.  Someone tells him that they will be here.  He looks at his watch.  Boy oh boy is he nervous.  It is almost a quarter to 4 and here come the people.  Look there is a guy up by the altar with a guitar.  He must by part of the band.  Well, it is time to start the service.  The guy with the guitar is starting off.  Hey he is pretty good.  Things move along, the music is good, people are clapping and raising their hands and looks like they are really enjoying it. The speakers were good and short.  I hope the minister is equally short.  Here he comes.  What is he talking about, something that he went on.  A weekend??  He is trying to explain it to the crowd.  Now he is asking them about the picture….of the roller coaster.  Now he is trying to explain that to them, boy is he going thru the motions.  Then he drops to the floor exhausted.  Now he is talking about the shawls on the railing, something about praying over them.  They are going to be handed out to people in need.  Then he talks about a couple of people.  Ronn Gordon, who has just been diagnosed with leukemia and how he needs our prayers. 

This has really been quite a service.  It has not been easy to explain what has been going on.  Just like the Walk to Emmaus.  No one can tell you exactly, because each person has a different experience.  If you want to know more about it, just ask a person you know who has been on the walk.  Then sign up and take the 72 hour plunge and get a closer walk with Jesus.    Well, that is all for this session.  Until next time, Silver Streak is checking off now.  DeColores.


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