Greetings, Brothers and Sisters. It is good to be back at the keyboard and talking about my favorite subject……..My Lord and Savior. I know that it has been almost a week and a half since my last post. Well, there was nothing that I could do about it. It seems that a week ago this past Monday a car crashed into a pole on the road east of our home and it blew the power to the whole area for almost 4 hours. Once it came back on, I had to get my computer up and running, but there were problems. It has taken this long to get it back up and running. I even had to reinstall my OS. Thank you, Father, for sending out a couple of real nice servicemen to check out my Internet connection and supply me with a USB Etheret controller, so that I could get back on and they never even charged me for it or the call. You know when to send the right people to your children. again thank you Father. Amen

That is about all I am going to say tonite, Brothers/Sisters. I will be back to form tomorrow night.

God Bless you all


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