Good evening brothers and sisters. I pray that you have had a good day. That you sleep like a baby last night (in Jesus’ arms) like I did.
That is after I was able to stop the tears. And now I have wiped my eyes and what do I see? My Jesus sitting in the chair across from me. He is holding out his hands and as I look at his face, I see the trail of tears from His eyes. I realize at that moment that He is shedding tears for me. Then He opens his mouth and speaks to me. How do I know it is He who is speaking to my heart? I know because the book of Hebrews Chapter 4, verse 12 tells us so.

Brothers and sisters, I can’t stress this enough times, you need to talk with Jesus everyday. You need to read His word, so that He can talk to you. You need to open your house (heart) to him and not keep any room locked from him. Confess everything to Him. Don’t hold on to anything. It will do nothing but get you in trouble. I know, because I did for so long, keep the door of My Room locked to him. I made sure all the magazines were put in there, only the Bible was left on the coffee table. I took down the mirrors and put up His picture. I had a cross on the mantel. I told Him he was free to roam anywhere but not the locked room. Have you done that to Him, brothers and sisters? If you have, I beg you to drop to your knees and confess to Him right now. It will take a heavy load off your heart. It is just a part of the baggage of life that we don’t need. He only wants the best for you, when you do that (confess), He will put the best robe on your shoulders and have the best hog for a banquet and welcome you home. You see, until you confess everything you are the Prodical son and daughter. So, I would do it tonight and get right with Him and then tell Him you want Him to control your life from now on. When you do , let me know so that I may proclaim to the Angels in heaven that another lost soul has come home. Amen.

Father, what a pleasure it is to know that you have control of my life. That I will do what ever you ask of me, go any where you tell me. I love you, Dad. I want to please you. I am not the man you want me to be yet, I know that you are still molding me, even at this late stage of life, but I know that you still have something for me to do.
Dad, I love crawling up into your lap every night and just feeling you holding me and telling me everything is o.k. It makes me feel special. Now I pray that you will let each brother and sister of mine to do the same, so that they can know as I do, that everything is o.k. for them too.


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