What a week this ha been so far. I spent most of the early evening today in prayer. My personal prayer list has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few weeks. I am also involved in three studies and that is a lot of reading. Both from the study books and the Bible. I am into the Bible everyday any way on my own. It is part of my quiet time. That is when God speaks to me. Yes, brothers and sisters, God does and will speak to you. You will come to know and recognize His voice. He told us in John Chap 10, that his sheep (us) know His voice and come to Him. Do you hear His voice calling you? If you don’t, maybe you need to get a little deeper into His word and then listen very carefully. He will speak to you as He has to me and countless other children of His.

My prayer tonight is this; that you will send up some knee mail to your Father. He is waiting to hear from you. You can call Him up any time. His phone is always available and there are no ‘busy’ signals on God’s line. He really wants to talk to you. He cares about you, He wants to know every little thing. Even tho, you think that He has too much to do to listen to you. In Luke Ch 12 He tells us that we are worth much more than the birds and the flowers. So we are more precious to Him than anything else. He created us to fellowship with Him. Imagine that, brothers and sisters, we were created to fellowship with our Father. Look at the empty chair across from where you are sitting. That is for Jesus to sit in. Now close your eyes and see Him sitting there, looking at you. You get down on your knees, with tears in your eyes, and crawl towards Him. You put your arms on His knees and start to tell Him everything and I mean everything. You cry some more and you just happen to sneak a peek at His face and you see tears coming from His eyes and then you feel His scared hands touch you and you start to tremble. His hands hold your face and He tilts it up so He can see it and says “Everything will be o.k. Dad is here.” I am sorry, brothers and sisters, I can’t continue, because I have tears in my eyes and I need to talk with Dad and let Him know I love Him and want His love. I pray that you will too before you lay your head on your pillow, lay it in His lap tonight and sleep peacefully. Until tomorrow night, I leave you in God’s arms.


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