It is a New Year

Well, I take it we all got through the Christmas holidays? I know that we did here at the PTL4 household. Christmas Eve service, then Christmas day at our middle son’s house. Saturday Praise service, Sunday evening Cantata. It was all so uplifting and praising of God.

Now it is back to work or whatever you do. For me it is into finishing a few projects around the house. Teaching mid-week Bible study at church. helping with our grandson, while his parents work. Making sure out older grandson gets off the bus o.k and care for him until his Mommie gets off work. I love doing this for them. THen I get to come into my “man cave” and talk with God again and learn some more of what He has in store for me. When I finally get the chance I come in here and write this message for whoever sees it. I pray that whoever reads this sees Christ working in the words. I take no credit for what is written here, as Christ leads me.

What I would really love to see on here is comments for you, the reader. I would like to know what you have learned and what God is leading you to do. Let’s make this a “two-way” street, no that isn’t right, make it a three-way between you and i and God.

Until tomorrow, my brothers and sisters, I send God’s blessings your way.


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