Well, it is over. The excitement of Christmas. The presents are strewn around the floor. The wrapping paper lies on the chairs. The tree lights have been turned off. The children have been put to bed. Mom and Dad are relaxing with coffee before retiring. They look at each other and both slide to the floor and kneel together to talk with You, Lord. They praise You for who You are and how You came to earth. They praise You for the children You have given them to care for and love like You love us. Then they quietly arise and turn off the lights and go to bed. Father, it has been one of those kind of days. The celebration of Your birth, along with all the other things going on in people’s lives. I pray that You will understand if some forget to thank You. I pray that You will hold us all and love us and tell us it is o.k. but to also reprimand us when we do wrong and become forgetful. I pray that you will be with all those who are travelling this week and those in the hospitals. I pray that you will send you Holy Spirit to all the churches that are truly worshiping you. I thank you for being my Father and for taking care of my father until I return to You. Amen! Amen! It shall be so.

I have a book of one liners for Pastor’s that I have read and thought you might like hear some of them occasionally.
Feed your faith and doubt will starve to death.
Keep your words soft and sweet. You never know when you’re going to have to eat them.
One thing you can give and keep is your word.
And one of my favorite sayings……….God has something to say to you. You can hear Him if you listen.


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