Greetings Brothers/Sisters. I pray God’s blessings on you as you wait for the birthday celebration. I pray that you are keeping all obstacles out of the way so you can see. I don’t want you to miss the “whole” of Christmas.

Tonight, we are talking about “two turtle doves.” What the Bible is talking about is the Old Testament and the New Testament. Genesis tells us of Creation of the world. The book of John tells us in chapter 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” What a marvelous story these two accounts make.
It is interesting to read what the Prophets said and then read of the outcome. I pray that as we approach His birth you will go back reread these two Books. Then send up some knee mail to God. (That is the kind that He likes to receive). Tell Him all your troubles and problems. Don’t ever think that He doesn’t want to hear from you. Brother/sister, He is sitting by the phone, just waiting for your call. Remember, there is never a busy signal on God’s line.
Max Lucado writes, Jesus didn’t fit the Jews’ notion of a Messiah, and so, rather than change their notion, they dismissed him.
They expected lights and kings and chariots from heaven. What they got was sandals and sermons and a Galilean accent.
And so, some missed him. And so, some miss him still.
What a statement that is. Yes, the Jews’ were looking for someone else and looked right past Jesus. So today, if that is what they are looking for, then they missed the words in the OT and NT. So they still miss him. Will you?

Father, I thank you and praise you for everything. I pray that you will take care of all the sick and those who will be traveling this weekend. I pray for the Churches (mine) and all the others. I pray for Pastor Kim as she preaches her last sermon this weekend. And Father, I pray that you will guide her steps as she starts out on a new path that You have laid out for her, keep her safe and strong for You. I ask all this in your precious Son’s name, Amen! Amen! It shall be so


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  1. Chad T. Said:

    Hi Ron, now after getting to come to a time of my own rest and peace for a moment from this current week’s activities, I had decided to come back to here and read the words of your peace and homage in whats here giving to us your heart filled testimony of your presence to our Beloved God….

    …I am in admiration of such and especially wanted to let you know readers are reading your works.

    As well I do want to comment in return to you especially in gratitude here for that notion you have given that our God is there always to receive our calls even much better than any person on the current face of this earth that we could even just think of most possibly could.

    And that hit me right there tonight too: that we can talk about troubles and problems too, so I did so tonight with the Lord Our God and have received rest and peace and renewed assurance in His presence and have that affirming faith that our Father can answer our calls to him right here even today.

    As I pray here, right now, in homage for my (and everyone’s here that is) belief in God’s Way to increase, so our faith may continously increase, so then eventually our works may grow to then be shared with others, and then finally the trophys of others and our own Salvations are accomplished. So I humbly ask for the Lord’s Grace to us each here now for the fulfilment of all of our Potentials to become a resting accomplishment.

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