Well, here it is 11:30 pm and I have just sat down here at the computer today. We were outside shoveling snow. We must have around 5-6″. Got the driveway cleared and the circle, too. Then while we were sitting around warming up the city plows came by. Plowed the driveways shut, so will have to get up in the morning and open them up, so the wife can go to work. I will probably go down to her mother’s and shovel. I will say that it is pretty to see the pure white snow. Looks like a clean lawn. Like we are after Jesus is through with us. He takes His blood and washes us clean and as white as snow. I pray that you feel that way also.

Tonight, we are singing about the “four calling birds.” When I hear this phrase, I think of the Gospel or Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. How each told the story of our Savior from their point of view. They tell the story of the upcoming birth. Then go on to tell of His life. I love to read each one and see it through different eyes.

Abba father, Oh, how we love You!. We praise You for everything You have done for us and for everything You will do for us. Lord, we ask you to be with the sick and those in the hospitals, especially, Ed Smerke, who You know well, he is having problems with his heart Father. You are the Great Physician and we know that You can heal. We just ask you to reach down and heal all the problems that Ed has. Amaze the doctors and nurses who are taking care of him and let th em know through Ed that You are in control. We claim it right now, Father. Father I would ask that you protect those who are traveling this week to families so that they can celebrate your Son’s Birth. Father be with our pastors as they tend Your flocks. Father please be with me this week as I try to come up with the right words for my sermon this Sunday. Father, help me chose the right ones, be with me as I stand up front and give this sermon. That the words of my mouth be your words coming through me, your humble servant. I ask all these things in your Son’s name, Amen! Amen! It shall be so


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