Greetings in God’s Love to everyone.
What a day this was. We had rehearsal this morning. We went through it twice with the choir. I think that it will be fine when we do it tomorrow night in costume. But please keep us here at Cherry Valley UMC in your prayers around 7 pm. I will let you know how it comes out in tomorrow night’s writing.

Tonight, we come upon “6 geese a-laying.” Hmmm, I wonder why God choose just 6, when He could have had a whole flock a-laying and built up the flock. Because He wanted us to know that it took Him only 6 days to create our world and everything in it.

Have you ever just sat back in silence and wondered how God made the earth and everything in it, including you? Have you ever looked at the trees and wondered how and why they change color or how they make fruit?

When I see the rain, and walk through the soft drops, I realize that God is replenishing His world and washing us clean. When I see the snow fall and after it quits, how clean and white it is, just like we are when we talk to God and let Him know our problems, He just takes them and throws them away. He does not remember and mark them in a book. That is why He used “6 geese a-laying.” To make us realize that He created this world in 6 days and then He rested. He was/is showing us what we should do. Do we?

Abba Father, we praise you for the world that you have made and the things you put on it including me. We praise You that You did it all in just 6 days. Then You rested. We thank you Father for showing us the way we should follow. We don’t always do that, Father. We try.
Father, I would ask you to protect all our service men and women no mater where they are keep them same, bring them back to their loved ones. Also Father let them know that you are there and that You care for them, like a Father. Dad, I ask you to be with all the people who are having medical problems right now and ask you to give them relief from pain and suffering. Dad, please help our church members come to understand You and want to do as I do, crawl up on your lap and cuddle. Dad, I thank you for all this in your Precious Son’s name,
Amen!, Amen! It shall be so


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