Good evening Brothers and Sisters. I pray that your day has been blessed. I know that mine has. We had our 2nd grandson all day today. What a joy it is to see how he is changing, almost on a daily basis. I love to sit him on my lap while I am at the computer. He is intrigued by the monitor. He wants to grab the keyboard, so I keep it way back….out of his reach. He will look out the window and coo or laugh at something. then he will reach up and pat my face. That sort of reminds me of Jesus reaching out and wiping away a tear from my eye, letting me know that it is alright. Then He tells me to cuddle up and reach out and touch His face, just to know (like my grandson) that everything is o.k. He is protecting me. He Loves Me, no matter what trouble I get into. I can always com to Him and say “Daddy, I wove you.” Just like my kids did and now our grand children do.

Tonite, Brothers and Sisters our thoughts turn to the 8th day of Christmas. “Eight maids a – milking.” points us to the Book of Matthew 5:3-10. The Beatitudes. They proclaim God’s favor toward those who aspire to live under His rule. That is one way to explain the 8 Beatitudes, but I like this one better…Jesus uses them to explain what characteristics are to be found in every child of God.
After you read the scripture, kindly write a comment and let me know what you feel Jesus gave them to us for. I look forward to hearing from you all…..real soon.

Abba Father, I praise you for the wonders that yo put before us everyday. The laughter of a baby, the clean snow, the people we see everyday. I pray for those who don’t know you Father, like most of us do. I pray that You will put them in our way, so that we may bring them to you. Father, please protect those who are serving overseas and keep them safe and bring them home again to their loved ones. Pray for our Church as we strive to bring You to the forefront again.
Be with us as we put on the play on Sunday evening. All this I ask in your Son’s name, Amen! Amen!


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