Good evening, brothers and sisters. I greet you in the Blessings of our Lord and Saviour. Today I bring you “eleven pipers piping”. According to what I have been told this actually refers to the Eleven faithful Disciples. Jesus started out with 12, but one was not faithful. Judas, son of Simon Iscariot. What do we know of Judas? Not a whole lot is really said about him in the Bible. We know that he was the treasurer and did most of the buying for Jesus and the Disciples. We also know that he was the one who betrayed Jesus. But that is really about all we know of him. We know that after he betrayed Jesus, he threw the money at the feet of the Sanhedrin and ran and then died.

I wonder Brothers and sisters, how often we have betrayed Jesus in our lives. I know that I have. I also know that with Jesus’s help I am changing that. I don’t want to be known as a Judas. I pray that you don’t either.
God has shown me that there is a lot to learn from reading about Judas. Look up all the passages in the Gospels and read them and then ask God to help you understand.

Brothers and sisters, I pray that you will be clear this Christmas about the reason for the season. Don’t allow the bright lights to wash out your vision of the Savior.

Read Luke 2:10-11

Learn how to make the season blessed for others!


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  1. James Pearson Said:

    Brother Ron,

    How about the 10 commanments that the lord gave us as guideance. He took the time to write it in stone to give to his chosen people. Hard hearted as they were. If God writes it down, I think he wants us to pay attention. God does things Simply and I’m thankful for it, cuase i get lost easily. Stay the course my brother~

    With Love your Brother in Christ James

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