Well, there are thirteen days left until the Great Event. Are you as excited as I am. Have you put aside everything that obstructs your view of Jesus this Christmas season. Are you sure? If not, you had better get down on your knees and pray. To miss seeing Him would be to miss the whole of Christmas.

I am going to try to find 12 things that God has given us and present them each day until He births. If you can thing of some, please let me know. I will be going from 12 down to 1. The first thing He gave us was the 12 Disciples. Who gave up everything (like we do when we say yes, Lord, come in and sit on the throne of my life) to follow Him. To the Disciples who He gave utterance to, that wrote down His words…..for us to read and head today.

Phillips Brooks, a prominent pastor in New England during and after the Civil War was an imposing man he was 6’4″ tall , but he carried himself with dignity and was highly respected. But when Brooks measured himself next to the Lord Jesus, he (like us) wasn’t so large. In his sermon about humility he wrote that we can never achieve humility by comparing ourselves to each other. We have to stand alongside Christ. He said “the true way to be humble, is not to stoop until you are smaller than yourself, but to stand at your real height against someone higher who will show you what the real smallness of your greatness is.
Remember, we may be little in the eyes of others, but our greatness is found in our relationship with Him. Only by standing alongside Him do we find the secret of both our humility and our glory.

Abba Father, we come to you thinking that we are little in the eyes of other people. But Father we know that you see us differently. We know that you find greatness in us and that we find out the secret of our humility and glory. For that we thank you Father. We now ask that you help us remove any obstruction that is in our way of seeing you. We are excited at the coming of Your birth. We ask this Father in your precious Son’s name. Amen! Amen!


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