Well, here it is the 8th of Dec. just 17 days until the big event. I wonder how many of us are really looking forward to HIS coming. Are we like the shepherds who came with great haste or are we like the slow, slow turtle. We should be excited that HE is coming into this world. We must be willing to set aside anything that obstructs our view of Jesus this Christmas. To miss seeing Him is to miss the whole of Christmas.

While sitting here at the computer writing this article, Jesus spoke to me through His Word. (1Peter 5:8) It pays the Christian to be on guard against the evil, while giving thanks for the ministry of the good. (Hebrews1:14) He is talking about seeing through the masks and seeing Satan and standing beside His heavenly angels.

Brothers and Sisters, I would ask you to think on this word precious as we approach His birth. What is precious to you? Stones, metals?? Our most priceless possessions are ours forever, and we’ll enjoy them i heaven as on earth. All that is really precious to us as Christians is ours eternally; for where He is, there we will be also. Brothers and Sisters that is a wonderful thought, that where He is, we are there also. Look beside you, He is standing there as you work. He is in the chair next to you as you relax at home. He is standing guard over you as you sleep at night. He and His angelic choir are there to meet you as you come through the door to His house (church). Brothers and Sisters, my prayer for you is that you will be with Him always, never straying, never lagging, always asking questions and resting in His arms.
Remember to not let anything get in your way of see Him this Christmas, it would be a shame to miss the whole of Christmas.

Father God, I come to you and crawl up on your knees to be closer to You as we talk and laugh. I ask, Abba Father, that you stretch out your arms and hold all of my family and friends safely in Your arms. Father, show them the way to walk with You. I know that if You give them the chance they will really love it and will cling to Your ways. I know that I have and I want to become more like you Father. I look forward to learning more and more about you in the coming days and months. Father, as a father, I thanks you for giving us Your Son, even tho, at times we walk away from Him. But in the end we always come back. I ask these things in Your Son’s name, Father, Amen


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